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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.
Described as a non-traditional, modern retelling of the Arthurian myth, Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is an epic fantasy.

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The Warrior Queen: a new book by Joanna Arman explores the Life and Legend of Æthelflæd, daughter of Alfred the Great.
#Æthelflæd   #AlfredtheGreat   #Saxons  

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Britain in the Age of Arthur
A Military History
by Ilkka Syvanne
A new book by Ilkka Syvannes breaks new ground seeking to unravel the enigmatic King Arthur, one of the most controversial topics of early British history. Are the legends based on a real historical figure or pure mythological invention?

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Rheged rediscovered?
Why were Pictish symbols carved into Trusty’s Hill, far to the south of where they usually occur? The May issue (327) of Current Archaeology reports on the investigation of the hillfort in Galloway, that developed into a prosperous centre in the 6th century AD, and may even have been at the heart of the lost kingdom of Rheged.
#Rheged #TrustysHill #Picts

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The First Viking Attacks on England
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is generally regarded as a reliable source to the first Viking attacks on England, the most infamous of these being the raid on Lindisfarne in 793.
In an article for the April issue of the English Historical Review Clare Downham explores various written sources which might provide an alternative narrative to that of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. These include letters, foreign chronicles and charters which indicate that the Vikings were raiding the country before their attack on Lindisfarne.

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Staffordshire Day 1st May 2017
Events in Stafford:

Ancient High House to Stafford Castle
Monday 1 May 11am to 2pm
Staffordshire Day Guided Walk
A free guided walk between two of Stafford’s most iconic buildings. Learn something about the history of the county town and the Norman fortress that dominates the skyline. Meet at the Ancient High House at 11am.
Free admission: Limited numbers.
Ancient High House, Greengate Street, Stafford, ST16 2JA.

Stafford Castle
Monday 1 May 11am – 4pm
Staffordshire Day Celebrations
Visit the home of the Stafford Knot and learn more about one of Staffordshire’s most iconic symbols during our guided tour of the Castle Keep.
Children can enjoy flag making workshops in the visitor centre.
Tours free (12 noon and 2pm)
Workshops £2
Free admission
Stafford Castle, Newport Road, Stafford, ST16 1DJ.

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Staffordshire Day 2017
The annual celebration of Staffordshire's greatness, Staffordshire Day, will take place this year on Monday 1st May 2017, with great events, special offers and competitions!
2016 was chosen for the first celebration of Staffordshire as it marks the 1000th anniversary of the first mention of the county in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 1016.

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St George and the Order of the Garter
Today, 23 April, is St George's day, patron saint of England, but he is far removed from the exemplar “British Knight” that many believe him to have personified.

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Joseph in Perpetual Sleep
Was Joseph of Arimathea buried in the Holy Land?

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Visions of Montacute
The events at Montacute and Glastonbury, the discovery of the Holy Cross and King Arthur's grave, share much in common that it suggests a common source. According to Gerald of Wales the details of Arthur's grave in the Glastonbury cemetery were passed to King Henry II by a Welsh bard. The details of Joseph of Arimathea's grave exist in an enigmatic text by the bard Melkin, who, we are told, lived before the time of Merlin.
#KingArthur   #Glastonbury   #Montacute  
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