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Need some nap help! 7mo is going to bed on his own at night & hasn't nursed to sleep at nap for a good month. Last week we started doing a nap routine & putting him down in his crib for naps (I'd been holding him for naps- ugh). He cried for a loooong time and then only slept 20-30 minutes. Saturday we moved his crib to the nursery (yay!) and he did beautifully with that- no night changes at all. We got some advice to lengthen awake times during the day & did that. So we're at 2-3-4 now (or would be, if he actually slept!!!) but he's still only sleeping 20-30 minutes at a time and waking up CRANKY. He won't take a 3rd nap, so that's all the daytime sleep he is getting. :( Not sttn, as I was going to start night weaning after naps were better. I tried leaving him in his room after he woke up in hopes he'd go back to sleep & all it did was make him furious. 
Do I just need to give it more time? Or what can I do go get him back to longer naps? They weren't great before, but he'd take a 75-90 minute nap in the morning, 45 min for nap 2, and then a 30 minute late afternoon (he'd basically dropped that last one before we started nap training, but this is the last solid schedule we had & it was about 2-3 weeks ago). He is cranky and clingy and I can't get anything done during the day! (No leaps, no teeth, no sickness. Just overtired baby.)
Thanks for any help! I'm going nuts! Lol.
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