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Michelle Roger (aka Rusty Hoe)
Finding the funny in the unfunny world of chronic illness.
Finding the funny in the unfunny world of chronic illness.

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A path to nowhere.
[Image: A concrete path stops
sharply ending in green grass and worn dirt. A woman's lilac
compression stockings knees and edge of black and white skirt are
seen alongside the joystick controls of her electric wheelchair.] Once upon a time there was a

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New Post: A bit of an update on where to source some more fashionable compression stocking options. Covers a range of brands including a few new options that I haven't written about previously. I've been writing about fashionable compression for years now and it's nice to see the improvements over time, though living in Australia it is hard/expensive to source many of them.

Also some information on how to save some money when purchasing and the new BrightLife Direct size calculator.

NB this doesn't cover compression socks as there are a plethora of options for socks. Thigh high and full pantyhose are more limited especially in higher level compression. Not a sponsored post, just my procrastination/research from when my brain was particularly useless.

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Come Away With Me: Beach musings.
A photo posted by Michelle Roger (@michelle_roger) on Dec 30, 2015 at 2:36am PST [Image: A woman walks barefoot along the beach with her walking stick. Her head is down and she is wearing a large blue hat, pink floral dress and green cardigan.] The parade o...

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International Day of People with Disability 2015: Write-ability Salon, Writers Victoria.
The awesome crew of writers. Top left Sarah Widdup, Paul Dalla Rosa and Write-ability mentor extraordinaire Fiona Tuomy. Bottom left Claire, me, Jax Jacki Brown. (Ashlee Bye not pictured).  On Wednesday night a group of fabulous disabled writers took over t...

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Movember 2015: John's story.
Today my Father-in-law, John, has kindly shared a little of his story with prostate cancer for Movember . I hope his openness will encourage more men to talk about this and the other issues Movember covers, and get the checks they need. Thanks John. John is...

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This is for you.
(My desk. A little bit shabby, a little bit florally, and a little bit FUBARy.) I'm writing this for you. Yes you. Don’t look so surprised. This one is for you. To read and take from it what helps. To take from it what gives you strength. To take from it wh...

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Sam Shit Different Day: Snippets of a Chronic Life
Today I collected my pee in an ice cream container and threw up in the shower. I repeatedly scribbled on an A4 piece of paper which asks me to record the intricacies of my bladder: time, volume, and delightfully, leakage. Yesterday I was buried half under a...

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You know your life has hit a high point when you are sitting in a public toilet waiting to be let out. aka The Claytons Accessible Toilet.
(Sign to the Phantom Accessible Toilet.) The knock I’d been dreading came suddenly through the door. A hesitant male voice, muffled by the thick door, “Are you ready?” “Not yet. Sorry.” The muffled voice announced that he would be back in a few minutes, and...

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Hiding in Plain Sight.
I'm circling life. It’s a defense mechanism. A preservation technique. I’m pretending I am regular. Just like all the others in the cafe today. Fake it till you make it. Watch and learn. Impostor in the midst. I am at a table, alone. Writing words and sippi...

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Up and Dressed
(Trying to do my best Delvene Delany. Look at this fabulous clocktower.) I've been getting dressed since last month. I've missed a couple of days here and there where my body was more blancmange than viscera and bone. But since September I've been dressed m...
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