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Action Plan Ministries, LLC
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application & Navigation
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application & Navigation

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Presidents, Politics, & Decluttering Fear

Paralyzed by fear, I had NO intention of voting in this year's presidential election. Today, how I decluttered fear and found peace in a difficult decision.

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This picture frame gives me a zillion ideas of other things that can be repurposed to make a themed pic / frame display. What are yours?

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At the end of the day, what do you remember? Most likely it will be a laugh, a conversation, a hug, time shared, a memory made... The joyful moments which warm our hearts and speak to our souls.

Declutter the distractions. Ditch the shiny. Run from worldly wants. Abandon destructive relationships.

Instead, invest your time and energy into the things which bring the greatest return. Embrace the things which feed your soul and warm your spirit.

Have a blessed and decluttered day!

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Have you bought into an apathetic existence? Do excuses come easily and naturally?

If so, consider the alternative.

Roll up your sleeves, address the awkward, put in some hard work, and deal with life head-on.

Easy? Generally not.
Fun? Not often.
Instantly gratifying? Unfortunately no promises.

Beneficial? ALWAYS!

Going through the motions will not bring meaning and joy to your life. Its akin to just using up time; white-knuckling it through life just to make it through another day.

This is NOT living and there is NO JOY to be found in this path.

Good, bad, or indifferent.... allow yourself to feel and participate. And have faith that God will do the rest!

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Is it Woe is Me or Look at Me? Both should be decluttered! Read more here...

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Hopelessness often comes from a heart that has given up. Feeling resigned to the status quo or an unhealthy state of affairs breeds nothing but despair. Things CAN change but this change starts with YOU!

It's time to stop thinking about what needs to be done and DO IT!

Once you take the first step, the second is easier. DO IT!

Follow through with action and find victory. DO IT!

The choice is yours. Step up your game and shut down defeat!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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I've made this twice and just sayin', you will thank me! Only change, I use the whole box of cake mix and kind of swirl it in. #AMAZING Happy Fall!

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I've slowly given up my control. Oh, maybe not about everything (all good things take time!), but when it comes to deflecting to God's will and purpose for my life, I give it up to him.

Talk about surprises!

God is constantly showing me his grace and mercy and orchestrating amazing blessings beyond my comprehension and ability!

Wonderful relationships
Peace during conflict
Strength and perseverance
Hope for the future
Joy Extreme
Financial blessings

Giving up control isn't easy, but when you trust and walk in faith, you give God the ability to bless you abundantly.

Give it a try!

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We often fight harder for our kids than for ourselves, but remember, it's both healthy and beneficial to lead by example!

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How much clutter do you have in your life? This quick, 10 question quiz, will give you an idea!
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