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Stephanie Dockery
Chicago/Three-Time Fantasy Football Winner/Cats
Chicago/Three-Time Fantasy Football Winner/Cats

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I thoroughly enjoy infomercials that air in the middle of the day on CNN.

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If the major social networks were "Gilligan's Island."

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Kristin Cavallari and Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler: The Wedding Is Off!

I think Google Maps should have an option under the "Walking" tab for "in heels" because there is a major difference between walking time in heels and in flip flops. Take note Google Tech people.

Happy Birthday +Kyle Musgrave!

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This article makes no sense first says that "speculation 32-year-old Miss Nalepa committed suicide out of grief for Max's death." when she was found dead before Max died in the hospital.

It also says that she left her job to "devote herself to him and his three children" but then later says that he is "Dealing with the loss of his only child."

Poor reporting.

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Chicago ranked the least-friendly for teleworking!
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