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Isaac Clark
I know how to write, drink, and sing.
I know how to write, drink, and sing.

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this thing still on?

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To anyone interested in the newest football helmet and technology: I present you with the SpeedFlex.

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Check out what gear the best NFL players wear. Ever wonder what helmet Tom Brady wears? Dez Bryant's chin strap? 

Pretty cool visual technique as well!

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What football gear do #NFL Players wear? Find your favorite players (Like Tom Brady duh).

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We redesigned our Football landing page.

Any thoughts on Landing Page Optimization with this?

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A gorgeous design. Well done +adidas +adidas Fussball +FC Bayern München 

I will absolutely be rockin' this jersey on Matchday 5 at +Allianz Arena.

I've liked a lot of Nike's kit designs this year, but adidas just took the cake.

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My company, Sports Unlimited, has teamed up with HIKE4HOPE to raise awareness for Progeria and benefit the Progeria Research Foundation.

This post is about our time with two boys and our upcoming 9.5 mile hike in the Appalachian Trail...

#Progeria #Hike #Hope  #Sports

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What do you think of 's new logo?

#Logo   #Marketing   #Web  

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"Win the argument; don’t declare the argument too offensive to be won." 
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