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Good communication will help to make a business or project run smoothly.

In every line of work, across all sectors and industries, there is a requirement for clear lines of effective communication in order for a business to be effective. Good communication between employers and employees, between team members and with…

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Ways to increase the security levels and scare off intruders in your premises.

Owning a business brings with it a multitude of anxieties, responsibilities and pressures to go alongside the joy of watching your baby grow and thrive. One major worry is how to protect your business premises from theft and burglary, as well as damage…

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Cost Reduction has become paramount in any developing economy in the world.

Consumers have become more concerned with the prices and qualities of goods and services they are getting each day from different quarters. Companies are therefore striving to improve on quality of commodities at a lower cost. Cost Reduction has,…

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Great options to get your artwork seen by the people who need to see it.

Whether professional or amateur, novice or veteran, any artist will know that putting their work in front of an appreciative audience can be one of the hardest aspects of creating and sharing. Even with the rising popularity of social media placing an…

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Owners of poultry farms need to know why biosecurity is important.

Owners of poultry farms will understand the concerns of biosecurity as a way of ensuring the protection of their product and the ability to make a profit. Any lapse in biosecurity could result in an infectious disease taking hold, decimating the stock and…

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Businesses need to have the right social media analytics tools.

If you run a business, you know that you must have a social media strategy unless you have been living on the moon. And, to make sense of all the data on social media, you need to have the right social media analytics tools. Commercial social media…

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Four basics of feng shui principles for your bedroom.

Have you been having a hard time getting to sleep at night? Taking care of various responsibilities can leave us thinking of what we need to do the following day instead of getting rest. To remedy this common issue, westerners have employed a…

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Make spaghetti from a vegetable; it pretty much makes itself!

My Italian genes make it difficult for me to go without spaghetti for too long. I love how it smells and the texture and shape are so fun to play with. However, lately it has been rare that I find spaghetti that I can eat without worry. As a vegan it is…

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Become more environmentally responsible as a construction company or individual.

In modern construction projects there is always a need for an environmental and social outlook. Working out the impact your project will have on the environment and the area immediately surrounding the site that is being worked on, is imperative. Being…

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70% of Millennials own some form of life insurance. The question: Why?

The general trend with life insurance is that the older you are, the more likely you are to buy it. It’s common sense. Risk is everywhere, and the longer you’ve been alive, the closer you are to the grave… and the less blind you are to how that can affect…
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