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I hope google will extend its +Gmail label services to +Google Drive. This will help users to label related documents and emails at one place. Using this feature search and organization of the related documents will be easy. 

Example: I have few documents from year old project I worked on in google drive and lots of related emails from team mates. Now If i have to search some information from year old project I need to search two places in Gmail then Google drive. Combine search is will be very useful. 

If there is any other easy way to search/organize related gmails with google docs please share….

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YouTube search box -> "do the harlem shake" -> watch & laugh (nicely done, YouTube team)

Google #AppEngine is down. Anyone else facing same thing ?

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cool.. :)

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Lovely +Leo Laporte 
This kind of silliness is why I love working with +Leo Laporte :)

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Imaging at a trillion frames per second.


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Cool... Apple time to save your iPad domination in market...

Now the web companies innovate new way to make users change their password. Simply let the password get leaked... and spread the news. 

#yahoo #passwordleak #linkedin #leak  
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