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To all the mums, and the dads doing double duty, Happy Mother's Day.

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This is so colourful, and I betcha it's delicious.

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It needs to be said again...If men had "mammograms" on their testicles, it wouldn't be as painful, now would it? 

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A friend, Angel,  made a post on FB and it resonated with me with MY own creation of Witch Bottles.  

That being said, we all make these in different ways.

My friend Cyn makes hers with herbs, which I have no clue about, but hers work wonders and kick arse. I know, because I've used them myself.

My own bottles use gemstones, mostly. I have them for Weight Loss, Depression, Safe Travels, Prosperity, Protection which also has black hen feathers; Feathery Blessings ones which have feathers and Byzantine Incense and Trias Magios bottles that have "gold" , frankincense and myrrh.  

I also have Zodiac which have accurate gemstones to each sign and ArchAngel ones for each of the 15 ArchAngels.

In addition I have totem bottles which have everything from a hawk pellet to feathers to snake sheds to porcupine quills.

My newest were for Mercury Retrograde which saved my family and I from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  My super duper bottle exploded...and we are waiting on a new furnace this week.

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Yikes, Mercury Retro has been a bitch so far...
My lap top's screen croaked the day that I was going to move my pictures and stories onto a different machine and save them on a thumb drive...It took FOUR HOURS to do! I had 10K pictures and 7 years of NaNoWriMo novels, along with research for all of them, research for witchy stuff, inventories for my Etsy/Artfire shops, and other stuff...

I had to figure out how the Peaches to do so without being able to see what I was doing...but I had a mind fizzle, can't call it a brain storm, and scrounged up a stray monitor...hubby puts computers together so there can be bits laying about. I got that working, thank the Gods.

THEN I completely f'd up and transfered and not copied onto said thumb drive. 
GAH!! Can't list goodies in the Moon Hunter Magick auction without pictures and the pictures needed to be downloaded to the all in one...ugh.

THEN starting on Thursday, I was feeling like crap: dizzy, nauseaus...just blech. I wanted to call in on Friday but noone could work for me...pissah...let me die in peace.

I listed my Mercury Retro bottles in the auction...of freaking COURSE, I had research for EVERY OTHER bottle but those...

So Saturday, hubby was doing the laundry and he noticed the the pipe from the furnace to the chimney was all rotted away...The LIGHT DAWNED! We were getting poisoned with CO!! He got on the phone and called a place. So now we need a new furnace...

Whilst waiting for the HVAC guys to show, my super duper mega Mercury Retro bottle EXPLODED! The top third is just GONE, like Krakatoa or Santorini. 

Guess it was SUPER EFFECTIVE! sure saved our arses.

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A new creation...not listed anywhere yet.
Crystal Ball Carrier.
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Lovely. But I will say that you'd be best served getting a nest at a craft store so that you don't run afoul (a-fowl) of the Migratory Bird Act.
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