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Weathering Relationship Storms Together or Alone

Every relationship will face rough times. This is just a fact of life. Whether it’s with your partner or your parent or your pal, you'll inevitably experience some rough patches. And it's our ability to weather the storm that's a strong indicator of our relationship health.

Maybe your partner has lost their job and you’re struggling to pay the bills. Or maybe you’ve gotten an unexpected health diagnosis and need the support of a friend. Whatever the case may be, when we go through these trials together – and, in fact, WANT to go through these trials together – it helps our relationships grow.

The best part of going through problems together is coming out on the other side together, rather than alone. The future looks just a little more hopeful when we know that when the next tough time rolls around, we've got a partner to walk alongside us.

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need the guitar cords of this .... 

Lord unveil Your face as I worship You
Reveal Your majesty touch my heart anew
Lord unveil my eyes to see Your glorious truths
The love You give so free has drawn my heart to You

I can't help but love You more
When more and more I see how much I mean to You, Jesus
I can't help but want You more 
When more and more I see your goodness unto me
I fall in love with You more and more ♥

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." – Aristotle #quotes  

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heads up for the upcoming change in Facebook

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not the latest article but still very useful 

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Cool! I bet you played this game in Nintendo Family Computer as a kid :D
You can now play this online too 

Just follow this link:

#games   #onlinegames   #supermariobros  

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