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Write the impossible.
Write the impossible.

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Hello Over the Christmas break, I'll be working on giving my website and blog a facelift. Literacy and Art is the direction I'm planning to go. To be launched in January 2016. Please stay tuned!

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Hello World!
I was pretty sad when I lost my domain name and this blog along with it. So when I discovered a way to re-launch my blog I was super excited (not to mention a new purpose for blogging). Thanks to my class in Early Learning, my new job as museum manager, and...

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Poetic Captions: Round 'Em Up Contest
Poetry Friday is here again and I’m hosting this weeks round-up. This is my first time hosting Poetry Friday so I thought I would hold a contest.   The rules are pretty simple.   Come up with a caption or a line for the illustration below. Post your caption...

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A to G: Poetry Challenge Recap
Congrats, you have
completed week one of the poetry challenge! Today there will be no new challenge
instead here is a couple of tips from “Writing the Life Poetic” to help you
with revision.        Is the punctuation consistent?  Or what would your poem be ...

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New Year's Revisions Conference
I decided not to make any resolutions this year, instead I'll be making weekly goals, starting with revising my novel. Luckily the ladies over at Operation Awesome are hosting a three day revision conference and it's completely free! So check it out.  Opera...

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Good News. Bad News.
A lesson on perception.  I recently received some helpful but depressing news (my poor husband had to put up with a weepy, whiny writer). Around the same time my copy of   Good News, Bad News  by Jeff Mack, arrived in the mail. I was blown away by the simpl...

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N to S: Poetry Challenge Recap
Congrats! To completing week 3 of my poetry challenge! Here are some tips to get your poems sparkling!  1. Read your poem several times focusing on a different element each time (word choice, punctuation etc.).  2.  Check out this article How to Submit Poem...

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Writing Reflection - Murder Board
Last week my husband brought home my very first MURDER BOARD! Dun..Dun...Dun... But before you get all freaked out I'll tell you what a murder board is. I took the term from the show Castle. Basically it's a giant whiteboard that Detective Beckett and her c...

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H to M: Poetry Challenge Recap
Congrats! You have completed week two of the A to Z Poetry Challenge.  Take the day off and revise your poems by asking yourself the following two questions. 1. Do your poems use the senses? 2. Are you using active verbs? Now here are the poems I created th...
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