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Gallows !
'They keep trying like little rats to get out of their holes,' the victim's sister said of the men convicted of murder. 'They're the ones that put themselves there'
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This is the state of Can.Judicial System. Feel unsafe & worthless.

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Exclusive footage obtained by the Post shows an undercover cop wrestling with an alleged thief and handcuffing the suspect with the help of two other people
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News because...?

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They can't deliver potable water, education, public safety, and they're preparing to enable nuclear weapon delivery..makes as much sense as what has been done to favour the Persian Cleric governors. 
Having the sub would allow India to deliver atomic weapons from land, sea and air. Deployment would give it nuclear triad status, which only the U.S. and Russia have

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Regretable to realize such a first-class effort is for nought. Some Humans have heeded "Dr.Suzuki's call to change". Most are "Innactive or Desinterested". Keep in mind that "The Writing on the Wall" is older than the Doctor. Match the Math of the warnings with the progress, and you will see the darkness of our collective & CORPORATE Apathy to all but the "Bottom Lines". 
'I was in Calgary at the airport, taking a leak. This guy pulls up at the next urinal, and says, I hope you flew in on a solar-powered plane, otherwise you’re a g--damn hypocrite!’
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The tank had engaged with Islamic State positions so well that U.S. military advisers had assumed multiple Iraqi tanks were operating in the city

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Prosecutors say three people arrested in Brussels police raid Friday are linked to a Frenchman plotting a new attack

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This & Lasers are going to play very badly someday.

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The common man's bottom line ... in some aspects identical to some corporate philosophies.
Premkumar Thurairajah is accused of fraudulently applying for 15 credit cards with 12 banks. He's also allegedly wrote $275,000 in bad cheques to pay off his debt

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This is the spirit of enterprise. What hope is there for Dr.Suzuki's drive to encourage our self-preservation ?! I've been observing the world, on location, do the absolute minimum for the common good, under the visible threat of extinction of lifestyle as we percieve it currently. The passing of 70 years has proven the question, and our collective apathy where a sacrifice of Fiscal Enrichment is the Bttom Line. All human noble efforts measure "innadequate" . Humans cannot pivot on the proverbial Dime to safety..and Government..?! Well I rest my case.."It was never a fair fight"
Thankyou Dr. Suzuki for all your sacrices, and thankyou to all the eco-warriors who've given a s☆☆t. 
For about two years, a significant share of every beer and soda can drained in the Yukon was being used to rip off Alberta, according to environment authorities

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Good Morning.
A specially trained German shepherd discovered the cocaine. It has a 'street value of $3.7 million Canadian dollars and $1.5 million United States dollars'
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