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International Mutual Aid
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International Mutual Aid is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing medical care to under served populations.
International Mutual Aid is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing medical care to under served populations.

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On the Road to Sierra Leone
Strange transition from cold and wind in Portland, Maine, to the relative warmth of Casablanca, Morocco Painting
above my bed in the place we're crashing before leaving Maine... I'm
not sure what this man's intentions are, but I feel mildly apprehensive! ...

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Sorting supplies for International Mutual Aid's advance team, Ebola epidemic Sierra Leone

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IMA Advance Team Prepares to Deploy to Sierra Leone to Fight Ebola
International Mutual Aid's advance team has completed pre-deployment
training, and visas and tickets have been arranged.  We will deploy
January 6. We be operating in Sierra Leone for several months.  Check back in here for upcoming pictures and stories...

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IMA is now a 501c3 organization
International Mutual Aid has received expedited approval by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) organization!

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Ebola Heroes: The Teenagers of A-LIFE
Even as Ebola raged through the seaside Monrovia slum of West Point, many residents denied the existence of the disease.  In August, dubious crowds broke into a West Point Ebola holding center and "freed" the patients inside.  Many residents believed Ebola ...

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Ebola Heroes: Dr Ameyo Adadevoh
The Doctor who stopped Ebola in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country of 170 million, 3/4 of whom live on less than $2/day.  Nigeria's health care system was not prepared to handle Ebola, but fortunately the disease was stopped by the clever intervention of one doc...

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Ebola Heroes: Gordon Kamara
During the peak of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, when ETUs ran out of space and patients died outside, waiting for beds, Gordon Kamara continued his work as an Ambulance Nurse in Monrovia.  He worked on one of only 15 or so ambulances covering a city of ~1...

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Ebola Heroes: Foday Gallah
Monrovia Ambulance Driver, Foday Gallah, featured as one of Time's People of the Year: Ebola Fighters:  "You don't want to know what Ebola feels like. If
you're not psychologically strong and God is not on your side you will
drop before you are taken for ...

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Pre-Deployment Training at the CDC
Our first group of volunteer clinicians completes pre-deployment training for Clinicians Responding to West Africa, at the CDC.
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