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Daniel Berrange
Open source virtualization hacker and amateur photographer
Open source virtualization hacker and amateur photographer

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A small foray into crowd-sourcing

If you've got a spare 5-10 minutes, why not help me with my research ?

I've got these maps of the hydrogen in a large sample of galaxies, and some of them seem to have streams of gas extending well outside the galaxies themselves. They seem to be lined up in an interesting direction, but I'm worried about confirmation bias - I already know the interesting direction, so I might have unwittingly decided which way the streams are oriented based on that.

The following little quiz lets you decide how you think the streams are oriented. Since there's no other information here apart from the images of the galaxies - nothing to give you any clue as to what the interesting direction actually is - that should remove that bias. More instructions in the link. Enjoy...

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"In the last year, How to exit the Vim editor has made up about .005% of question traffic: that is, one out of every 20,000 visits to Stack Overflow questions. That means during peak traffic hours on weekdays, there are about 80 people per hour that need help getting out of Vim."

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like a dystopian sci-fi movie, except it is real life in the "gig economy" ....

"Who are these raters? They're carefully trained and tested staff who can spend 40 hours per week logged into a system called Raterhub, which is owned and operated by Google. Every day, the raters complete dozens of short but exacting tasks that produce invaluable data about the usefulness of Google's ever-changing algorithms
Their managers go by pseudonyms like LFAdmin, DarkSosu, and LFEditorCat, while the raters generally use pseudonyms too. It’s not uncommon for a rater at Leapforce to go years without ever knowing the real names of managers and colleagues.
what they would like to say to the engineers who have been working with their data. Silence fell on our conference call. Finally one rater asked softly, 'Do they understand that we are people?' "

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I've always wondered why audio sounded so bad on Linux ;-P Turns out we need to have audiograde memcpy() and malloc() functions....

"found that a function called memcpy was the culprit, most memory players use memcpy and this is one of the reasons why memory play sounds worse ie digital sounding. Fortunately there is an optimised version of memcpy from, using this version removes the hard edge produced by memcpy
also most players use malloc to get memory while new is the c++ method and sounds better."

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Construction notes for, Capella, my Lego pinhole camera that shoots photographic paper sheets 9x8cm in size

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"One of usability’s most hard-earned lessons is that you are not the user
Across 33 rich countries, only 5% of the population has high computer-related abilities, and only a third of people can complete medium-complexity tasks
across the OECD countries, 26% of adults were unable to use a computer.
That one quarter of the population can’t use a computer at all is the most serious element of the digital divide. To a great extent, this problem is caused by computers still being much too complicated for many people."

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A description of my adventure creating a digital timelapse camera from a Raspberry Pi Zero and Kodak Brownie

Poor SVN - don't try to commit files with colliding SHA1 hashes to it...

$ mkdir repo
$ svnadmin create repo
$ svn co file://`pwd`/repo work
Checked out revision 0.
$ cd work/

$ cp ~/Downloads/shattered-1.pdf .
$ svn add shattered-1.pdf
A (bin) shattered-1.pdf
$ svn commit -m "File 1"
Adding (bin) shattered-1.pdf
Transmitting file data .done
Committing transaction...
Committed revision 1.

$ cp ~/Downloads/shattered-2.pdf .
$ svn add shattered-2.pdf
A (bin) shattered-2.pdf
$ svn commit -m "File 2"
Adding (bin) shattered-2.pdf
Transmitting file data .done
Committing transaction...
Committed revision 2.

$ cd ..
$ svn co file://`pwd`/repo work2
A work2/shattered-1.pdf
svn: E200014: Checksum mismatch for '/home/berrange/tmp/demo/work2/shattered-2.pdf':
expected: 5bd9d8cabc46041579a311230539b8d1
actual: ee4aa52b139d925f8d8884402b0a750c

Opps !

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Say goodbye to SHA1....

Now the git book on probability of a SHA1 collision....

"A higher probability exists that every member of your programming team will be attacked and killed by wolves in unrelated incidents on the same night."

I think we had better keep a look out for wolves tonight, as the universe seems to be favouring them :-P

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No surprise that all but one antivirus app made browsers less secure by doing mitm on HTTPS connections. They are screwing up cert validation, using bad ciphers, being vulnerable to various TLS attacks or all three.
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