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Steve McMahon was tagged in Martin Aspeli's album.

Clearly, I work too much and deserve a raise.

The new Google Plus Android app ui is remarkably shit.

New dEUS album. Hell yes. (/cc +Alex Limi)

The Google+ redesign makes it harder to see more than one post per page. That's made me read far fewer posts and consequently Google+ feels a lot less interesting than it did before. :-/

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The Google+ UI is dangerous. Lots of actions cause unintended side effects, like the fact that when you hover over a photo in your scrapbook, there's a huge click target in the middle of the photo for "Delete photo", and when you move around the Circles page, you can easily accidentally remove people from your circles.

It feels a bit like they've tried to be too clever for their own good, although I do quite like the aesthetics of it.

I am confused. Do I still want Firebug in Firefox 11 with its shiny new inspector? If not, what do I use for JavaScript debugging?

I have been accepted as a member of the Python Software Foundation :)

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Did you know that you can learn to read Korean in just 15 minutes? No, for serious! I made a guide just for you!
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