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Good android...
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beRani banget . . .
kaLo ke windows bRani juga ga y . . .
an original android developer can never do this. Android is not only user friendly , its developer friendly too , As and android developer , am shame to see this post.
ofcourse i am android develper , i support. But i never hesitate apple and their innovations what keeps them in the same row against us. definetely i may havent commented , if its personal post instead community
Why are u being a jerk or better yet, well I won't say....if u don't approve the post then stop posting comment learn that if u don't have something nice to say then keep it to ur self....I know perfectly well what application has to offer am American buddy or lady what ever u are... +Anna Malai 
+Anna Malai your comment is conflicting with your status as a developer for Android. The only reason for the success of Apple is it stable operating system but the problem with apple it has not changed very much in the last couple of years Android is a few young on its stage give it time. In other words play nice or don't play at all lol
Sorry but when did google+ become the place to bash Apple constantly? I love Android too by the way. Just don't see the point in doing this really! I'd rather see how good Android actually is without even linking to Apple. 
yea ur rihgt android 4 life
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