I just purchased an InFocus IN124 with a case for $699 AUD. This was after reading this article and getting direct advice from Simon.
The congregation was astounded at the difference in quality, sharpness of graphics.
As stated for any congregation the purchase price is critical but also the balance of 'future proofing' equipment for upcoming shifts in technology.
I find Simon's expertise in knowing what the latest advances in technology matched against the price conscious purchaser ensure that you get the 'biggest bang for your buck'.
On consultation with Simon, he advised purchasing a HDMI cable to directly feed the graphics and audio from our laptop to the IN124 projector and then an audio cable from the projector to the mixing desk.
This cuts down on the doubling up of 5 metre VGA cable from laptop to projector and another 5 metre audio 1/8 " audio plug from the laptop to the mixer.
I expect this to work and look forward to using the full functionality of HDMI technology that this media peripheral provides.
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