+Russell McOrmond these students being told they need to know specific software, are these computer science students? Or others?

You might recall we in SCCS were told to buy our copy of Digitalk Smalltalk (rather than the much better, but more expensive ParcPlace Smalltalk). I later learnt that the university had a site license for both, and it covered use by students at home. That this software was unavailable to use was entirely due collusion of th CS department support staff (the holders of they keys). The unversity also had Unix source code license as well, yet we had to fight hard to get anything *ix install on the 386s, or even get accounts.

I assume that at least some the students are not CS students, but I curious who?
CS students do need to learn certain software, but the unversities mostly still refuse to teach make! My experience as a hiring manager after 20 years in the field is that the universities are more and more out to lunch.

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