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“Selling is like breathing. When done well, it is easy and natural, and no one even notices it is happening.” -R. Abraham
“Selling is like breathing. When done well, it is easy and natural, and no one even notices it is happening.” -R. Abraham


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As Amazon and Walmart battle for world domination by competing to deliver the lowest costs and the most efficient online convenience, another retailer has been quietly increasing market share . . . Costco.

Costco is competing well because it adds something to the low cost battle . . . a unique experience that its customers find to be of value.

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I just went through one of those “root canal” customer service experiences in which the phone prompts led to endless rabbit holes.

I understand that some of the larger companies out there do this on purpose to induce people to go online to handle issues. Whatever . . . I guess they have figured out the risk/reward of doing so with their cost consultants.

But for the rest of us, who run small- to medium-sized businesses, franchises or regional offices, I HIGHLY recommend that any time we use prompts to direct incoming CRM calls, that our customers can immediately press “0” and access a real person, not another prompt.

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Here is a quick but very powerful selling tip:

When you are speaking to a client and he or she says something that is obviously a key element of the sale, pause for a moment and repeat the point back to them.

Here is an example…

Client: “Security is really important to me when it comes to handling this material.”


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I read an interesting article on Jerry Seinfeld who is obviously famous as an entertainer, but is also incredibly successful as a businessman with multiple ventures and a net worth of over $900 Million.

One of the things that caught my eye that we can relate to as salespeople is that when asked about the success of his hit TV show Seinfeld, he replied...

Hurricane Victims – A Friendly Reminder

My column goes out to a lot of people so let’s take a moment this week just to remind each other to contribute something to the double hurricane hits we took over the past month.

If everybody who reads this column does even a little something in his/her own way, it will be very meaningful.

God Bless!

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Why does someone select a certain TV show, for example, over dozens of other alternatives?

The knee jerk answer is that he/she “likes” the show. But why? Why does someone “like” the Tonight Show, or Game of Thrones or an NFL game?

The simple but deeper answer is that when a person watches a show she likes, it makes her “feel” good. And as human beings, when we find something, or SOMEONE, that makes us feel good, we tend to seek out that experience again . . . and again.

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Years ago, when Sir Hugh Rigby, the Sergeant Surgeon to King George was asked “what makes a great surgeon (among the many),” he replied, “There isn’t much to choose from in manual dexterity . . . what distinguishes a great surgeon is that he KNOWS more than other surgeons.”

I would submit today that we can apply the same principal to sales to a large degree.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes for a minute. You have decided to buy a new TV . . . one with all the bells and whistles. You roll into BestBuy and up wanders a part-timer . . . probably has some personal knowledge of technology but you can tell he is not answering your questions with conviction.

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Well summer is wrapping up and the kids will be heading back to school soon. I hope everybody had a chance to take a break, enjoy their families and relax a little.

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I recently met with a prospect and we had a lively and productive exchange about his marketing and sales goals and objectives. When I am conducting such due diligence, it is interesting to see if the prospect is looking for new ideas or is more eager to gain affirmation for what he has already implemented.

In this case, I was encouraged because the prospect was self-aware, open-minded and collaborative.

Things were shaping up well until he said, “Let me show you our presentation package …it’s the best in the industry.” Out came the package, which he had obviously thrown his heart into, and which he presented to me like a proud father.

He then asked expectantly…“What do you think?”

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Testimonials have always been important, but even more so today thanks to the Internet. People have become conditioned to look for reviews, Angie’s Lists and five stars every single day as they surf around, even when they are not buying.
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