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Keith Jacobs
The Blabbering Biologist himself...
The Blabbering Biologist himself...

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How Effective is Hand Sanitizer?
There are a few standards that everyone keeps on them in
their bag. Moisturizer, chapstick, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Hand
sanitizer, with Purell being the eponymous brand name, is available in many
public buildings, and some people use it following e...

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An unbiased look at fracking!

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An unbiased view on fracking!

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Fracking - Cracking the Code, and Passing Gas
Fracking is an industrial process for extracting
natural gas and oil from previously untapped reservoirs in solid ground. The
relative value of its benefits and drawbacks has been greatly debated among
politicians, news media, and academia. On one hand, fra...

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How to Edit Genes (Using CRISPR)
Check out my summary of CRISPR, the molecular biology
technique currently revolutionizing genetic engineering: I wrote this article as a guest column for the blog
Infective Perspective....

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My opinion piece of Obama's cancer moonshot initiative

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Obama's "Moonshot" to Cure Cancer: Apollo 11, or Apollo 13?
           During his final State of the Union address in January
2016, President Obama announced a plan to invest $1
billion toward a “moonshot” attempt at curing cancer . While the details
of the plan are rather broad and ambiguous, it essentially provide...
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