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Digital Publishing by PressPad
Mobile apps for your digital magazine
Mobile apps for your digital magazine


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Increase Blog Traffic and Readership to your web magazine or blog

These are 10 proven tactics to increase blog traffic and readership.

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Digital publishing – where is it going?
We live in a digital world. Just take a look around. How many people are on their devices? These are modern readers, and the publishing market should keep up with them. The digital revolution goes on!

More and more publishers decided to start their journey with digital, have a mobile app for magazine and sell online issues.

What is more, this trend will go further.

Be Successful, Be Digital.

Learn More »

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News apps improve the experience of blog or web magazine on the mobile devices

Don’t take my word granted. Challenge this statement and explore what readers say about using these type of mobile apps.

They help publishers increase mobile retention to their content and keep readers updated about the latest articles with real-time notifications. That’s more natural and neutral way of communicating to mobile users than sending email newsletters (...)

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There are lots of tools for WordPress. PressPad News focuses on content and our new tools for content producers help them achieve their business goals.

The ongoing development and improvement process of mobile publishing accompanies us from the beginning. New features in the mobile applications platform we created for WordPress publishers enable opportunities to monetize on mobile, improve communication with readers and improve quality of the Internet traffic to the content.

Mobile Publishing more effective
New solutions and improvements we were working on for the past months on the PressPad News make mobile publishing even more effective. Can you afford not getting your own News app?

Read more to form your own judgment (...)
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Free Online Publishing Consultation for the publishers:
bloggers, online magazines, and content marketers.

Your web magazine doesn’t convert? Would you like to sell more subscriptions for your online magazine? Your WordPress blog does grow too slow?
— If these questions sound familiar to you we can find the right solution for your online web publishing venture.

PressPad help publishers since 2011.

During that time we were testing lots of marketing tactics and were learning by doing. Well, we still do that.

Our goal is sharing knowledge to help (not only) young publishers with digital strategy.

That’s why we are organizing free consultation sessions for active online publishers who struggle with growth and want to promote their brand on the mobile web more efficiently. Do not wait. Reserve your spot today!

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Do you run a web magazine or a blog? You can achieve brilliant results with your online business if it can be experienced as a mobile app.

Your digital marketing journey has never been so ready for this kind of medium.

To make it easier, we prepared one of a kind digital marketing guide for bloggers and online publishers. This free cookbook is all about the app marketing basics which can help you with promoting your content.

With this guide, you will go through the following spheres of interest:

* How to communicate with mobile users
* How to repurpose your WordPress blog into the mobile app
* What makes people install mobile apps
* How to promote mobile apps almost for free using your existing resources
digital marketing guide
* Digital Marketing Cookbook — click on the cover to start

– How can you get this free ebook?
It’s simple. Just two quick steps:

1. Click this link to enter Digital Marketing Guide page.
2. Tweet, download and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

— What’s PressPad News?
PressPad News is a Mobile Marketing tool for online publishers. This is a branded mobile app that connects with your online content and presents it in a new form via the mobile app.

— Can I increase mobile traffic to my content with PressPad News?
Yes, you can. The mobile application is connected with Google Analytics, which makes the mobile app readers behavior count as a web magazine visit.

— Can I serve mobile ads with my branded mobile app?
Yes, you can. We support Google Ads platform including video ads and display ads for mobile devices. With your branded “News” app you can enable a native mobile ads channel for your web magazine.

— How can I increase retention to my content?
When you publish a new article, the app sends rich push notifications with article cover’s thumbnail to your readers automatically. Via push notifications, you can grab people’s attention and engage readers whenever you need to.

— How can I catch better leads via my branded news app?
You can do this by converting non-subscribers into the app users. Installation of your app is their commitment to you without sharing emails. You, as a publisher, are still able to rich these people via Push Notifications that can be sent from PressPad News dashboard.

— Can PressPad News help me with increasing conversion?
Yes, it can. The mobile application gives you great opportunities to increase conversion. You can welcome new users with a customized message and display promotional, app-dedicated, clickable content, ads or marketing information.

— How to increase distribution reach via mobile app?
There are hundreds of millions App Store users and you can attract them to your blog via the mobile app. It is the only way to be visible to them and increase distribution reach on mobile devices as a result.

— If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.
I will gladly address all of them. In the meantime enjoy reading our free digital marketing ebook. We have filled it, not with the theory but with a dozen of actionable tips we use on a daily basis and now we share our experience for free.

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Support for Kindle Fire on its native Amazon Appstore for Android
This is the answer from us — not only for book authors — to intensify their pre-sales efforts on the websites.

#wordpress #amazon #appstore #kindlefire #apps

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WordPress Powered Blogs' App Platform Gets on Android Soon with a Plugin

Just to refresh your memory. PressPad News is a mobile publishing platform and content marketing curation tool for WordPress powered blogs and magazines.

Why publishers need Android support for branded news apps?
The answer is Google Play and geographic distribution. While there are few store platforms for Android based mobile devices (ie. Amazon App Store for Kindle fire) the Google Play is still the most popular distribution platform for Android apps. And when it comes to free content distribution the differences between App Store and Google Play vanish (...) Read more »

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Going Digital Isn’t Only for Magazine Publishers »
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As a digital publishing platform guys, we try to have a clear understanding of the magazine publisher’s professional life and its challenges. We look at the magazine publishing industry as a whole. That’s why we subscribe to many publishing groups on LinkedIn or even a digital publishing discussion group on Facebook.

I decided to talk with a real magazine cartoonist about his profession, and what, modern magazines, use the cartoon panels for? Read more »

#digitalpublishing #mobilepublishing #magazinepublishing #publishing #mobile
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