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Morw Rum News - Summer 2016
 In desperate need of an update, and we have a Tasting to report! I have done some soul searching and decided we will be doing monthly posts and more, if needed. I have been exploring new distilleries during the years and frankly I need to go through them a...

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Looking to Spring and Road Trips
Stuck in Winter means, sipping Rum neat and thinking of trips to find more rum. It also lets me catch up on things happening in the industry. Let's do a quick look and talk about what's coming. I have been remiss in not mentioning an article that certainly ...

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Hunting Rum By State
  The interesting thing (actually one of many interesting things) about writing all about American Made Rums, is the locality of brands and how some are strictly local, other spreading country-wide (perhaps even internationally). I try not to differentiate,...

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Searching for Rum - Connecticut
I slid down the guide here at Rick The Rum Runner and found the first state that had no Distillers was Connecticut. So this is where I begin my search. In that search I found a little bit about the area. So to date, here is what I found. According to Bottle...

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Rum Reader.. What do we have here?
 I have moved into the third rum book, or spirits book if you may called: Closing Time by Daniel Francis. I say Spirits book because, this one is generally about Prohibition and booze running etc. In general though it (I hope) will give me a feel for how th...

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After reading RUM: The Epic Story of
the Drink that Conquered the World , I have such a better
understanding of where rum came from, how it grew – how it exploded
upon the world and how it edged back, behind so many spirits we now
enjoy. I also think I und...

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Back from Rounding the Lake
We have spent the last week or so RTRR has been traveling. We managed to go from Chicago - to West-Central Wisconsin (Mauston) to UP Michigan, down to Traverse City Via the Mackinaw Bridge. Over all - FUN. We did get caught in a 2.5 hour line to cross the b...

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Rum - Rick's Current Read
I am well into my next book on Rum. This is a very interesting complete history of Rum. I am in to about 1/3 the way and already, Rum: The Epic Story of the Drink that Conquered the World [Charles A Coulombe - Citadel Press], has me mesmerized.  While Sugar...

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Mid-Summer Rum Distillery Finds
Business as usual: We are grateful to fans, customers and Distillers themselves that make us aware of new places that make and offer Rum for sale in these United States of America.  Some of those places are: [All names are Website links - Any other links ar...

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Sugar Changed the World - an Account
So I have wrapped up the first book, Sugar Changed The World . I have to admit it was very interesting from a both a Rum related viewpoint as well as a Historic viewpoint. The History can be summed up by saying, Sugar, once the refining methods were discove...
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