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Gord Wait
Musician, Technology, Electronics Engineering, Restaurateur(!), Internet geek, Travel..
Musician, Technology, Electronics Engineering, Restaurateur(!), Internet geek, Travel..
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And Moon!
Tonight Venus and Mars will be even closer..
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Venus and Mars
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TPC Post – Circuits Interactive

This time of year one of the most popular Interactives found at our website is DC Circuit Builder. This HTML5 simulation provides a learner with a virtual circuit builder in order to build and explore circuit concepts. DC Circuit Builder can be used to explore simple, series, parallel, and compound circuits. Building a circuit is as easy as dragging batteries, light bulbs, resistors and wires onto the workspace. A learner can even include voltmeters and ammeters in the circuit for a quantitative exploration. Being an HTML5 simulation, it is compatible with tablets such as the iPad, with Chromebooks, and with all mobile devices. Learners can open the simulation and begin exploring quite easily. Or for a more directed experience, a learner or a classroom of learners can use any one or all of the four classroom-ready exercises that has been prepared by The Physics Classroom. Enjoy the DC Circuit Builder at …

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Dear God don't let Trump watch the South Park movie..

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Bold, a little bit edgy but very good at this price

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No sympathy for the morons who helped put this lunatic in the White House.

As the article points out, Trump starting a trade war with pretty much every country was a main campaign promise.

You reap what you sow..

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Block quickly, block often..
Scary New Developments on Social Media
Others have noticed it over on Twitter, and now it is here: A sharp increase in "blue heads" that have no posts, who will only comment on political posts of popular G+ers, only to defend Trump or his policies (never the other way around). Here is what they all have in common:

- No profile picture
- No or very few posts (some have a lot of posts who are all very alt-right)
- Poor orthography and/or punctuation (weird)

They are everywhere, and they are taking over. They are riding on the backs of popular people, and they are trying to spew their "alternative facts" to take advantage of higher follower counts that they obviously not have, in order to bring their message across.

There seems to be a propaganda machine in the works that would make Goebbels envious... But I will not back down. I will keep on posting the things I care about, and I will not get drawn into useless discussions with nameless, faceless people that are sent to disrupt the flow of information and are spreading "alternative facts".

I will delete ANY and EVERY comment I don't agree with, and I will block and report suspicious profiles.

And just in case you still don't understand:

On my page, my profile, my posts, FREEDOM OF SPEECH ONLY APPLIES TO ME. My posts are not a newspaper article or an open platform. They are my opinion, my property. You don't agree with them, just simply uncircle/unfollow/block me. It's easy. You should try it sometime.


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Oh weird, a well written article on LinkedIn!

Unfortunately I know the type described in the article..
Especially the guy who always chats with the boss about tasks he's not actually involved in..

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