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Pete Leong
Destination wedding and freelance photographer on Okinawa
Destination wedding and freelance photographer on Okinawa


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Okinawa photo prints gallery now open!
Haisai folks! Long time now blogging. It's been super busy in Oki with family photoshoots and weddings etc.. As well as working on my online photo stock site. But now I can offer my Okinawa prints for sale directly from my webpage. Images of landscapes, sea...

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A photoshoot in Santorini, Greece
Santorini bridal photoshoot Just returned from an amazing trip to Santorini, Greece for a post wedding photoshoot for Dana & Alan for whom I photographed a wedding for here in Okinawa. This trip has been in the works for quite some time now and our timing c...

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Jungle photo adventures on Iriomote island
Shooting the Milky Way with some waterfalls at 3am in the jungles of Iriomote island Thanks to Mark Thorpe (Okitog) for the photo! Just returned from an amazing trip to Iriomote island which is a 50min boat ride off the coast of Ishigaki island. Myself and ...

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I took 2 1st place wins and a 2nd in Army photo comp!
I just received the honor of taking two 1st place wins and a 2nd place in various categories for the 2016 US Army photo competition! I had forgot I entered a few shots at the end of last year then finally I got an email a couple of days ago with the good ne...

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Okinawa surfing from drone view
Hey everyone! So I recently bought the new DJI Mavic Pro drone to use when I dont want to take my bigger, heavier and much more expensive Inspire 1. It is so awesome to be able to pop it into my camera bag and have it set up ready to fly in about 1 minute o...

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Cosmos flower fields family photos
This afternoon I headed out with good friends the Wendlands for a family photoshoot before they leave the island next month to live overseas. Right now the beautiful Cosmos fields are in full bloom here in Okinawa so its a great time for location photos wit...

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Tokyo girls model photoshoot in Okinawa
A couple of samples from the first day of 2 days of model shooting out on a boat up north for a fishing lure company. What do cute Japanese girls from Tokyo and fishing lures have in common? I dont know either but Im sure its better than looking at some dir...

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Wild waves out front as typhoon Malakas passes by
Okinawa dodged yet another typhoon this time as Malakas passes by west of Okinawa. Its been over a year now since we've had a decent typhoon hit the island. Anyone who knows me knows I love to get out and shoot the waves and craziness of the big storms. Thi...

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My big photography seminar... in JAPANESE!
Me at the front there presenting in Japanese for a sold out audience in Fukuoka city.  I was recently asked by Japan`s biggest album printing company Asuka to fly up to Fukuoka and speak at a seminar about photography. The catch was that the audience consis...

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Okinawa real estate aerial video for promotion
I recently had the opportunity to make another aerial promotional video with the DJI Inspire 1 drone way down south by Mibaru beach for repeat client Colby who has a massive beach house that hes looking to renovate. Its a fantastic location and I enjoy gett...
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