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Martin Jonasson
fjällad ciklid liknar nyklippt druid
fjällad ciklid liknar nyklippt druid

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It's been a LONG TIME, but I finally pushed a release candidate for the 3.0.2 version of rymdkapsel to Google Play. 
Since you're in this group, your device should fetch it automagically.
The update includes:
Two new game modes, four new monoliths, seven new achievements, and various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Welcome to the group! To get access to the 2.0.1 version of rymdkapsel, please visit this link. 

This update is very minor and fixes issues related to Google Play Services:
Better error message when not signing in to Google Play Services
Should deal better with failed achievement/score submissions
Fixed crash related to trying to spawn popup when minimized

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It's my game. You can get it. Now!

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Martin Jonasson was in a video call. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>

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here's the game i've been working on for the past year.

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giganto-preview of my new game on eurogamer.

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Here's a teaser trailer for my new game, With some luck it'll be out soon for iOS, Android and your web browser!

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I forgot to post this baby here. This is a talk I did with +Petri Purho at the Nordic Game Indie Night. Accompanying blogpost is here:

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Martin Jonasson hung out with 11 people.Erik Svedäng, Kert Gartner, Philip Tibitoski, Petri Purho, Noel Berry, Heather Rasley, Evan Balster, Mattias Ljungström, Paul Veer, Marek Plichta, and MeLiH ISILDAK
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