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Project 52 - 2012 - Guiseppe Basile is Back!
Project 52 - 2012 - Guiseppe Basile is Back!


#2012project52  #project522012

The +Project52-2012 is soon winding down for this year.

The current curators are passing the torch along to +Weekly Photo Project 2013 curated by +Andrew Willard , +Iain Harley and +Tiina Niskanen (participants of this year's project).

If you enjoyed the challenge and the themes of this year, try out the 2013 project!

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Hello All!

Maybe this will be sitting at the top when you look tomorrow and you will see it. I hope so!

There has been a change to Week #27 on the About Page to give you an option. This option can be interpreted any way you like. I'm doing this because it seemed too geared to the USA at that time period and because sometimes it's fun to have an option!

For Project 52 Members you can also consider this a chance to think about working with clients that change their minds on what they want. This is a good amount of time to think about changing compared to last time :)).

If you don't want me to change things up with a theme once in a while or you think it"s fun and challenging, let me know.

*If you think a Theme should be changed (for a really good reason :)) say so please.

Have fun!

Kate Church

+Kate Church
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A wonderful contribution to #2012project52 , +Project52-2012 by +Clement Biger that surely should be seen again if you missed it! (Please comment to photographer as comments are disabled here).

Note: +Project52-2012 , #2012project52 is a closed group until next year, but we welcome you to look and comment on some of these great works of art by the members!
#project52 #2012project52 [19/52 - Sky & Clouds]

I was not too happy with the sky shots I got during the week, but today's weather was just perfect!

So here you are with a sky/cloud reflection.

I really hate how colors are interpreted in Google Chrome, so... If you want to see more accurate ones, open this photo in Firefox, way more contrast and brightness...

Have a great week.

Of course, this is for +Project52-2012 curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Kate Church moderated by +Greg Berdan +LaDonna Pride +Sue Butler But also for #architexturetuesday by +Ranjan Saraswati.
And #glassworldtuesday by +Jana Smith
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Project 52, 2012 - One Photo a Week
[7/52] Shadows

This is a very spontaneous shot. I saw the sun shining through a window in front of my office. Thanks +André Roßbach for your shadow.

#2012PROJECT52 +Project52-2012 +GPLUS::P52::2012
curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Kate Church

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The Final Circle - Version 1

Hi All -

This is the Project52-2012 Circle. I hope it makes it to you :). I am going to share it with my circles to make sure it does, maybe do the same with yours. Since there are over 100 people, I can't send a notification. I could divided everybody into groups in the future and send the email out 4 times? Let's see if everybody gets this.

So this is the final circle of all except the people in the Project that haven't heard of the new Page and have kept up with the Project. If there are any additions to your circles, I'll update you every couple of weeks. A lot of you already have some, but not all of these people in the original group. If you like, you can add this to the original circle and it will just put in the new people.

And I see "Shadows already! I love the creativity shown in all of your work and it makes it just great to go in and see what everybody has done. I also want to again thank the awesome group of people that help moderate the Project - the P52 Team. I should make a little circle and send it to you of who they are or you can look on the About tab. They continue to do a great job.

Two things - Only old GPLUS::PROJECT52::2012 can come in and only if they have stayed up with the project. The second is, I can't do anything about G+'s inability to make everything in the stream appear to everybody. Feedback will help, but I can't fix it.

lastly - don't forget to keep +Giuseppe Basile as a curator but I think just about everybody has all of their albums here now and the old Page is broken, so if you don't want to tag your images with it, you don't have to. It gives G+ less to think about when figuring out where to send it to that way.

+Project52-2012 is lurking in the "Shadows" this week - but the bottom of the About tab has a link to all of the mew and upcoming Themes!


Kate Church
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Last Call

For all of those that want to be included in the GPLUS::PROJECT52::2012 and have not yet switched Pages to the new, maintained Page, tonight is the deadline with your "Eyes" submission. By then you should have all 5 images up in here.

People that just joined and were not part of the original circle put out by +Giuseppe Basile MUST have all 5 Themes in.

If you are from the original circle and are just now hearing of this, let me know or just come over to the new Page and tag it, then upload your images. At 8 p.m. PDT, I will start going through the images and checking to make sure everybody that wants to be in is and will close the group to further participants.

If there are any issues, please send an email to +Kate Church - there is an email button on the Profile page. PM's are not very reliable! Or simply comment on this post.


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A very different take on the Theme "Eyes". Comments to +Jamie Furlong
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Please comment to +Stephonie Ogden
Week#4 - Up #2012project52 +GPLUS::P52::2012 +Project52-2012 curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Kate Church

This week's theme for the Project 52 2012 is "UP" I took this shot looking up the tree in my backyard. I like this perspective because it also looks like its a branch reaching out... parallel to the ground rather than perpendicular. I love the textures and designs nature creates!
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Please commment to +Andreas Levi on his wonderful "Up" shot of this old building!
Ägidienkirche Erfurt / Thuringia /Germany
For more Information:
This image is my contribution for
#2012PROJECT52 curated by +Giuseppe Basile +GPLUS::P52::2012 and +Project52-2012 by +Greg Berdan, +Gretchen Chappelle, +Sandra Parlow, +Gary Munroe , +Gene Bowker, +Sue Butler and +Kate Church .

WK 4 :: Up

and also for
#SepiaSaturday , curated by +Renee Stewart Jackson +Sepia Saturday
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Please direct comments to +Al Christensen
Such a cosy and cool hiding place, under our 21 year old magnolia tree. I nestled on a layer of lush green grouncover, just as I have seen the neighbour's cat do on several occasions. What does the world look like through her eyes?
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