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Do owls exist ?

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Are there hats ?
Are there hats ?

I saw totality from Phelps Lake and it was epic. Since I'm only on my phone you'll have to Google the location yourself, but suffice to say : yeah, it was totally worth it.

Overheard on a bus :
"I think the Moon won't go too dark during the eclipse, because it reflects light."

The board is set, the Rhys' are moving

Time to sign off. I am not looking forward to the next 18 hours of continuous travelling, followed by a short break, then another day of travelling. But after that, 6 days in Grand Teton national park for the eclipse and then 4 days in Denver.

If anyone wants me... tough ! I will only have limited and sporadic internet access. I may occasionally turn up and plus things from time to time, but with this phone that's about as much as I can hope for.

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Oh, and just to make life even more fun today, G+ notifications are broken. I click on the notifications button and they just disappear without telling me what they were. Could be my out of date Chrome version but I can't update it because of some libc6 thing, which I can't install because who knows. Yay.

Apparently I can withdraw money in Czech Crowns using my card and a PIN, but to withdraw dollars from my account I need my passport. That totally makes any kind of sense.

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I know these have been sporadic of late. They're going to stay sporadic for a while longer as I head off to the US for the total solar eclipse...

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