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There is no way to briefly describe me...
There is no way to briefly describe me...

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The "Gaps" in Childhood
*This is not exactly great writing...just my heart. Thanks for reading!* As I was browsing Facebook I saw some pictures posted by a family I know. Looking at their happy faces, it made me think of the children I serve that live in poverty. I know that may...

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That Weird Kid
Everyone went to school with at least one weird kid. In
third grade, the one that stands out for me was the girl who told everyone she
was the princess of Saturn. Sadly, her planet was going through an
intergalactic war, and she was sent to Earth for her sa...

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Hello World
It's me. Yes, I am still alive. I know it's been awhile.  I lost my heart for writing, but lately I feel it coming back. It may take some baby confidence was shattered. But I'm here.

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The Beginning of a Journey...through Photoshop!
I have been doing photography for awhile now.  Lately, I've been really curious to see what type of art I could make using Photoshop.  This is the result.  I know this will be a short post, but I wanted to document my progress a bit.  Plus I'm proud of it! ...

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Ponderings of a Self-Proclaimed Wallflower...
I’m forty and have been wondering all my life where I fit
into this world.    Never really a social butterfly, yet not quite an outcast…something
of a loner who often still longs for the company of a friend…never popular but
not really unpopular either…alwa...

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You might be depressed if...
I'm feeling a rather sarcastic humor happens...often... So in that spirit, I'm starting a "you might be depressed if..." post.  Feel free to add any tidbits of thought to my party... If you welcome illness because it gives you a "real" reason to ...

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This didn't go the way I thought it would.  I started this poem with a different goal in mind, but it ended up here.  It's a compilation of things people say to me in my depression before they walk away.  Eventually, most people do walk away.  Depression dr...

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Priceless Love
I almost didn't participate in the blog hop this week.  I struggle with depression, and today isn't great.  That's just the reason I figured I should go for it!  It may be short, but I will push through this.  I will at least share what God has showed me th...
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