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Author | Istria Gourmet | Villa Umag | Real Estate | Mind Mapping | Local Guide


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Google Map: Best of Croatia

The Best of Croatia Google Map is a collection of best attractions, restaurants, bars, cafes, camps, and hotels in Croatia:

Here's also a link to the Best of Istria Google Map:

Which are your favorites? Add to comments and we'll update the map with your recommendations.

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Countries with the most tourists per head of population: Destinations suffering 'overtourism'

A new index created by Australian travel company Intrepid has revealed the countries suffering from the most "overtourism", along with the nations with "undertourism".

The index compares total visitor arrivals in 2016 to the permanent population to create a "tourism density index".

While Iceland has been in the news recently for its incredible tourism boom, with about six tourists to every local, the country actually comes second to Croatia as the country with the most tourists per head of population, according to Intrepid's index.

The Top 10 countries for overtourism
Croatia (57,587,000 tourists to 4,170,600 locals - 1380.78%)
Iceland (1,891,000 tourists to 334,250 locals - 565.74%)
Hungary (52,890,000 tourists to 9,817,960 locals - 538.71%)
Denmark (28,692,000 tourists to 5,731,120 locals - 500.64%)
France (202,930,000 tourists to 66,896,110 locals 303.35%)
Czech Republic (30,915,000 tourists to 10,561,630 locals - 292.71%)
Singapore (16,404,000 tourists to 5,607,280 locals - 292.55%)
Cyprus (3,286,000 tourists to 1,170,130 locals - 280.82%)
Greece (28,071,000 tourists to 10,746,740 locals - 261.20%)
Spain (115,561,000 people to 46,443,960 locals - 248.82%)

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The changing face of Zagreb: a Croatian success story

The inland capital is experiencing a visitor boom like nowhere else in the region.

The more popular Zagreb gets as a tourist destination, the more difficult it gets to describe it. Is it really a little Vienna? A cute cousin of Prague? A near-Mediterranean Manchester? Maybe it’s a sign of Zagreb’s ongoing success that labels like these no longer make any sense.

With its mixture of baroque beauty and nineteenth-century grit, Zagreb is, in any case, an unusual and unique hybrid, a northern European city warmed by the climate and the culture of the south. However, it’s not just this idiosyncratic mixture of northern soul and southern sunshine that has made the Croatian capital into such a favourite among visitors. Its tourist fortunes have been transformed by the kind of small-scale innovation and subtle change that has brought new vitality to the streets while leaving the historic fabric largely untouched. Zagreb’s booming bistro culture, constantly morphing nightlife scene and burgeoning cultural festivals have all, pretty much without exception, been tailored to suit the needs of the local public. The result is that odd thing that we are all looking for but very rarely find: a visitor-friendly city where the tourists feel like locals and the locals don’t feel displaced.

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Soca Valley: Exploring Slovenia's Wild Side on Ultimate Green Trip

The waterfalls, forests and mountains of western Slovenia are best explored on four wheels.

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Michelin Guide to Istria 2018: Who Made the Cut?

This year, two destinations got Michelin's seal of approval for the first time - the restaurants Badi and Konoba Buščina in Umag.

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Istria Gourmet Food Tours: Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Rovinj, and Pula

Our new video for Istria food tours.

Collaboration with +Repcro Foto Nekretnine Pula

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The Next Great Destinations: 8 Places to Beat the Crowds this Summer

With more people traveling than ever before, more and more places are starting to feel loved to death, at least in the height of high season. Ask anyone who has waited and waited to get one photo of an Icelandic glacier without other people in it, or stood in line to cross the Rialto Bridge or see the Segrada Familia.

Those sights are well worth seeing, but there’s something to be said for visiting places that don’t revolve around tourism, that are still—as the cliché goes—authentic. I asked top destination experts about their picks for the undiscovered (so far) gems of travel in 2018.

Instead of Dubrovnik: Istria

The tourist capital of Croatia can be swarmed with tourists from six cruise ships at once, so it’s better to head elsewhere. Zeljka Mustra of Calvados Club recommends the Istrian peninsula in the far northwest. “Even though the coastal part is famous for its resorts and often overcrowded with European guests, the inland of this fantastic region hides true gastronomical, cultural and historical treasures.” Culinary highlights include the olive oils at the awarded Chiavalon estate, red and white wines at Kabola winery and private truffle hunting demonstrations at Motovun woods with hunter and dogs. Then there is “visiting hidden medieval towns like Groznjan overlooking the Mirna Valley, a town with 68 art galleries and ateliers, Zavrsje (the best example of medieval architecture of Istria) and Bale, a stone town with a naive art gallery and art park with works from one of the most famous Croatian sculptures, Dusan Dzamonja. The whole region also offers fantastic possibilities for active vacation, including biking, hiking and horseback riding.

Via +Forbes

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2018 Epic Week in Croatia Launched

This year, the Epic Week (Part III) campaign offers up to 218 activities to create an ideal vacation. As part of the campaign, there are prizes, including the main prize of an unforgettable trip to Croatia.

Click on the link below to browse activities and create your epic week. The application deadline is May 23. Good luck!

#epicweek #croatiaepicweek #croatia
Homepage - Epic Week
Homepage - Epic Week

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Stay in the vineyards: 7 Best Wine Hotels and Winery Accommodations in Croatia

These 7 amazing places show you how diverse Croatia is! Wine hotels and accommodation from the continental part to coastline and islands. Here is where you can enjoy amazing wines, learn how they are made, pair them with traditional Croatian cuisine and sleep like a very happy baby – without a need to step out of the hotel.

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The Charming Towns of Croatia

Enchanting small towns and villages pepper Croatia’s islands, hills and coastlines, endearing the popular Balkan destination to travelers even more with their narrow cobbled streets, red-roofed houses and go-slow lifestyle. Wander beyond Dubrovnik, the national parks and the beaches.

These 25 towns are idyllic venues for an unforgettable getaway. They will charm your sandals right off.
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