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"Goodness and Mercy follow me all the days of my life."  

Jolene Riley is a talented singer, songwriter, and conductor of genius music!  The images we captured at sunset were our favorites of the day.  Just natural light and processed in Lightroom.  

Hope you are having a wonderful week, friends!
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Perfect end
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Here's a new edit from Tim Davis' shoot.   

I used some different techniques for sharpening in Photoshop.  Add a layer, filter High Pass, Mode = Hard Light.  And there you go!!  

#timdavis   #glee   #americanidol   #eastweststudios   #timdavisvocals
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Thank you +Ryan Lynham m
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I love every minute I get to spend with this wonderful lady!!!
A BRAND SPANKIN' NEW CHAT... with +Annette Biggers!!
The full story over on my blog;!

This is my final episode for 2013... and what a perfect way to wind up the year with a full-on dose of inspiration!!

Annette and I spent 2 fabulous days at +Castello di Amorosa on one of her famed fairy tale photo shoots... and found time to sit down in the great hall to chat about the transformational power behind her famed fairy tale photo shoots, the power of prophetic words and how they saved a nation, the role she believes artists play in culture, prophetic art, her orphanage in Uganda and the importance of believing in yourself. 

Whew! Talk about wrapping the year with a bang!

I hope you enjoy this awesome episode of The Chat with the incomparable Annette Biggers!

PS... mega-thanks for your behind-the-camera help on this one +Dave Bell!! You made the day even more awesome!
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Annette Biggers

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The Secrets of a Prospering Artist and the Kingdoms He Builds....

Tim Davis, Glee and American Idol vocal director and coach, is one of the best singers I've ever heard.  He's not just another super talented singer that puts chills up your spine.  There's a reason American Idol and Glee employ him to make their most valuable asset, voices, the best.  His recognizable voice has the haunting presence of  'something more' in the commercials and movies it's graced.  My ears perk up instantly at the sound as it sticks out above the mundane noise of cluttered commercial invitations.  Each word carries heal, transform, resurrect deadened dreams.  I've not seen such a presence of goodness like this, in a voice, ever.  Talent maybe, but not Presence.  

As an artist, I love to study the lives of those who are reigning over the "starving artist" lie that tends to suck the dreams out of most of my colleagues.  Tim is one of my favorites as each encounter reveals more truth, more treasure. 

One thing that I've discovered consistent in prospering artists lives, is that they have a soul that is prospering more.  Their attitudes reflect honor, love, and peace.  For Tim, I've noticed that he honors the "mothers and fathers" who have spoken into his life, he value's running beside his "brothers and sisters," and enjoys pouring into his "children."  It's a life much like a river supplied by a deep well, never running out of places to flow or nourishment for those along the way.  This is not the typical "good life" or "American dream," it's the "more life."  And this is his 'secret.'

It's the life where quiet confidence and a rested heart propel us to the top every where we go; finding open doors in surprising places, and adventure in the midst of chaos.  With no need of crafted manipulations or a walking over others to get to the "top."  It's this 'kingdom' we want so desperately to live in.  

I've found that the birth of these "kingdoms" become possible every time someone decides to put on honor and love.  And those who are dedicated to a life of the intentional pursuit of Love, find that they are building atmospheres all around them that exceed their ability to dream for or imagine.  

Where these 'kingdoms' are established, talents and gifts explode with exponential growth and abilities to do the miraculous are common.  Our deepest heart longs for the pleasure of living in such places... the place where our heart is celebrated, always.  

Where our voices create Life.  

PS.  I think I could write a whole book on the disciplines and 'secrets' of Tim Davis type people.  Perhaps I will one day.

We did this shoot a few weeks ago at the East West Studio in Hollywood.  This is where Frank Sinatra recorded his famous song "My Way."  

You can see more from the shoot by going to my Facebook page at
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Thank you +Pamela Reynoso !!!  
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Annette Biggers

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Fairy Tale shoot with actress Jennifer Freeman

When I decided to do this shoot, Jennifer was the very first person I called. And it was SUCH great news when she said that her filming schedule was all clear and that she wanted to do it. I chose her not because of her outward beauty or her celebrity status, but rather, her heart and story. I believe it's the story of many of us and a journey we find ourselves on. It's the story of grace. The discovery that we are the beloved, the celebrated, the pursued. And though we often times run from the unfamiliar voice of acceptance, it beckons us not relenting. 

I hope you can imagine for yourself how beautiful you are to the Father. Be Loved.

You can see more from this shoot now at:

Thanks to my friends +Dave Bell +Karen Hutton and +Jim Sullivan for all of your love and help.  xoxox
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très jolie
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Annette Biggers

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Rick and Kay Warren. I love the way they love. Their compassion for others rubs off on me! It's a good thing. 
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too romantic
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Annette Biggers

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"I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in."  ~George Washington Carver
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Que de douceur !
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Annette Biggers

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No one will ever know me as well as family.  

Let not the spirit of independence drive me away from those who have held my heart so closely.  
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Lovely capture!
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Annette Biggers

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For flowers that bloom about our feet;
For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;
For song of bird, and hum of bee;
For all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee!
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Flowers by Nisie's Enchanted Florist, setting near my home in Ladera Ranch, CA.
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This is the honest truth.  While my table may not have looked quite so photogenic,  on the day I proposed to my wife (In February, when it was a cool 45 or 5o degrees F.  I went out and set up a picnic at a wilderness park in advance of our "surprise visit."   Everything set up.... (I even let her choose part of the route on our country drive.  She even picked the right turn, though I knew I could get back in needed. Then we just happened to drive to the location where the picnic was waiting.  Said my then girlfriend: "Look Kirk, someone is having a picnic." -- So I said, lets see what they have to eat!
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Annette Biggers

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Rex Crain and I were talking this weekend about the power of clothes!! Of all topics! No really though, we were talking about the totally different way we carry ourselves when we dress well.

I see the change in people when I put them in a special made costume for a photo shoot. They "become" the courage, the strength, the faithful person that wears the crown or coat I place on them.

During a photo shoot I often times will tell a person that the crown they are wearing is an expression of who they really are on the inside. I tell them this isn't dress-up, pretending time, it's truth time! Something happens. I get REAL expressions.

Speaking truth over someone is like dressing them in a robe of royalty.
More and more I find myself being called to speak truth over people, to make prophetic art that speaks God's intended future, and speaks TRUE identity.

Prophetic speaking makes me, them, us, better people. It makes us realize who we are individually and corporately. We begin living as servant leaders, kind co-laborers, and quiet peaceable yet fierce caretakers of one another.

And we get to experience more of heaven on the earth.
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Aw thank you +Younique Beauty With Samauree  (((-: 
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As a photographer I am always evaluating light.  How it falls across the face, the mood it is EVERYTHING to communicating the right thing; portraying with artful eloquence my subject's true person.  

What's more important still is the necessity to celebrate the inward light/beauty of a person bringing it out to the surface for others to see and enjoy.  For some, it is a humanly impossible task to bring from their darkened souls a light that's not too dim for the human/natural eye to recognize.  It then becomes a matter of fanning into flame the 'candle' which can only be done through the spiritual eye with spiritual resources.  Seems so hard, I know.  But the magic is in the simplicity of Love.  Love is the eye from which we see perfectly the intended life for others, who can not see it for themselves.

It's only difficult when 'love' is pretentious.  I've found it impossible to light a person's 'candle' with a synthetic flame, which makes it the most important discipline for me to get under the authentic, perfect, Flame of God, His Love.  To behold Him in all of His fullness; to change my dim views of Him that the world/religion projects.  

How I do this is, I imagine Him rightly.  I imagine Him celebrating me, nodding in approval, giving His best gifts to me freely.  I allow Grace to change every perception.  I allow Him to be the Daddy He longs to be.  I receive Him.  Let Him love me.

Love then flows from a place of strength/perfection and accomplishes miraculous change in myself and others.  The Person of God fills me and spills over to others. The miracle happens.  My subject's eye reflects His hope; they are warmed by the flame of God himself.  Love enters the scene. Magic happens.

And all self imposed expectations, pretentious piety, struggle, and human effort melt away.  Skin becomes luminous and eyes sparkle.  Life magnified.

And a spiritual masterpiece is experienced in the natural.  If 'my' portraits be beautiful, it's because of Him.

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