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Aw, man! The kids love this. <sad face>
A spoonful of cheap store brand chocolate frosting has fewer calories, half the fat, and less sugar than the same quantity of Nutella
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Who doesn't love Nutella? We have a jar of it in the pantry, but it's definitely a sometimes food.
NO ONE in this house likes Nutella. BLECH.
My boyfriend doesn't like it, either. You're all nuts. 
I can't deal with hazelnuts on a good day, and I am extremely picky about chocolate. :p
I'm with Kelly. You people are insane. Nutella rules!
I've never actually tried it. Maybe it's time.
They've compared the bad stuff. Now what about the good stuff?
I was thinking the same thing. I don't have a can of cheap frosting to compare it to, but I'm assuming that some of the fat in Nutella is from the hazelnuts and, therefore, of a healthier variety. Any fat in the frosting would almost certainly be hydrogenated since the manufacturer needs it to be stable at room temp, and lard is generally eschewed these days as unhealthy while butter would be too expensive. Additionally, Nutella has protein that I assume is absent in the frosting.

On the negative side for Nutella, some of the fat in it also comes from palm oil. It's popular for this sort of application (as well as in candy bars and possibly even cheap store-brand frosting) since it's the only fully saturated fat that remains liquid at room temp. So it provides a nice, unctuous mouth-feel but at a pretty high cost fat-wise. Then, of course, there's the sugar content.

As I said farther up the thread, it's definitely a sometimes food.
Your comment made me realize I have cans of both on hand. For 2 Tbsp of each, Nutella has higher calories, fat, saturated fat, fiber, protein, iron, and calcium. Pillsbury vanilla frosting has higher trans. fat, sodium, and carbs. They're tied on the sugars and cholesterol. Sometimes foods, definitely.
I didn't know Nutella came in single serving pouches until the hotel in Switzerland had it. Along with hazelnut yogurt. Not sure my breakfast choices didn't border on desert though.
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