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Armada Properties, LLC

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is enjoying the chilly temperatures this time of year! It's hard to believe that there is only 30 days left in this year. Have a warm and safe December!!!

We have completed our property inspections for the year! It was good to talk to so many wonderful tenants. It's exciting to see how people have been preparing for the holiday season that is just around the corner!

Looking for a property management company that can help you with your ROI? Look no further! We are here to work for you not the other way around. If you are interested in talking with  no obligation give us a call!!

Hello everyone just a reminder we are getting ready for the holiday season!! That means snow and freezing temperatures. To keep your pipes from freezing you can put a faucet on a slow drip and open the cabinets to help keep your pipes warm and keep from water leaks come spring!

This collection is for any investors or owners that are looking for an outstanding management company! If you would like more information feel free to give us a call at 970-667-772 or visit our website at

Hello everyone!!! Welcome to our new google+ page! We will be monitoring this page regularly so if you would like to ask us questions on here or would like to post a review feel free.
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