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★ Living Life ★
★ Living Life ★

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Personal thoughts on loss. (Thinking of you, daddy!):
~ Several friends close to me have lost a loved one recently and posed questions about feelings... Got me instantly thinking (crying) about my own losses... This is what I have come to realize. ~

Yes. Yes it does suck. Yes, the emptiness will always have a void within you. It will never get 'easier as time goes on'. It will always pull at you EVERY SINGLE TIME you think of your loved one.

~ cue tears ~

No. You ARE NOT alone. You have me. You have your family here, physically on this earth. You have your loved one ALWAYS with you in your heart. Never forget that!

~cue tears, again ~

The ONLY thing you are 'alone' in is the personal memories you have shared with that person. You will keep them alive within you, just by the mere thought of them. It may be a glance from a stranger, the words someone speaks, that shows you that they are still here with you. In spirit. In love.

~continue crying until you can't ~ or pass out ~

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With Blitz at the Make-A-Wish 'Walk For Wishes' 5k.

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Our little lady, Phoebe, is in a happy place. She had fluid in and around her lungs and was slowly suffocating. We will miss you baby girl!
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Looking forward to Valentine's Day with my beloved!

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There is no way that I can possibly write a post each day! So, I’ve changed my posting goal to one a week. This is much more realistic for me. If more exciting things happen within a week, then I’ll do my best to post about it. Until then, just one. The…

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That one (or two, or several) friend that,  without fail, has made plans with you then made you sit there? You call, text, e-mail, and/or leave them a voicemail after waiting about an hour (or more) for them.  With no response?  Until eventually when you…

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This past week off from work I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I love in my life and what I would like to quit. To simplify, I made a list (I love lists!). Here are the things I want to quit: Frozen Pizzas Hard alcohol and drinking just to drink…
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