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My Glyphs!!!


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Funny how the pre-patch details don't let you make the helm and cloak invisible anymore. Lumberjack shirt looks funny with a cloak. ;)

Update: Transmog dude will take care of this.

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Alliance Fighting for the Horde!
Horde Fighting for the Alliance!

It's PvP Mercenary Mode, coming to a PTR near you!

Q times way too long? Enemy agents will appear in Warspear/Stormshield and recruit you to fight for their side!

Much shorter Q times should be the result.

More details here:

And in the "Just for the heck of it" department, I did some Multistrike pondering...

TL:DR - Your chance to get any any Multistrikes is almost twice your actual Multistrike chance. Your chance to get two hits is quite low.

Onward to the math

Why do this? Because I wanted to know what the real odds were.

It's like a dice roll. If you have a 6 sided (no you DnDers, I'm not using a d20) you have a 1/6 chance to roll a 1, and a 5/6 chance not to roll a one.

Two dice is 1/6 x 1/6 (1/36) to roll two ones and (5/6 x 5/6 = 25/36) to roll anything other than a one. That leaves a 10/36 chance for one or the other to be a one. 

Multistrike gives you a % chance to have any damaging spell you cast to also fire off one or two copies of that spell, at 30% strength. Multistrike’s proc chances work like this – you have, for example, a 10% chance to Multistrike.

This gives you, in PvE, two 10% chances. Your chance to hit twice is your % chance times itself: 10% x 10% = 1% chance to hit twice. 

At 30% MS you’d have 30% x 30% = 9% chance to hit twice.

Your chance to not proc any Multistrikes at 10% chance is (100-MS%) x (100-MS%). So that 10% MS chance gives us 90% “no chance.” 90% x 90% = 81% chance not to get any Mulstitrikes.

81% chance to get none, +1% chance to get two = 82% total. That leaves an 18% chance to get one multistrike. Or… 18% for one + 1% for two = 19% chance for either one or two MS hits. 

At 30% you have 49% to hit none, 9% to hit twice (58% total,) so have (100-58) 42% chance to hit once. 42% + 9% = 51% to hit once or twice.

In PvP you get one chance at a Multistrike so your PvP Multistrike value is roughly half the PvE value. From the examples above: 10% PvP Vs 19% PvE, or 30% PvP Vs 51% PvE.

Doing some more numbers, in PvE you'll have ...
10% MS chance gives you 18% to hit once plus 1% twice. 
15% gives you about 25% to hit once plus 2.25% twice
20% gives you 32% once plus 4% twice
25% shows 37.5 once plus 6.25% twice. 

In PvP you only get once chance to proc a Multistrike, so it's PvP value is roughly half of it's PvE value. 

Got it? 

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Arms Warrior PvP Guide

Now more up to date.

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Some Hotfixes

My favorite bit? This: PvP > Ashran > "Fixed a number of issues affecting Ashran events that could cause characters to drop out of stealth effects."

Woot! :)

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Of course you have a dagger in the shower, right? ;)

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Found floating about on G+
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