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Very proud of the people of SunEdison. While most were hype, SunEdison simply delivered everyday. 

The beauty of the SunEdison model is that the customer experience hasn't changed since 2003. All of the subsidies, financial engineering, etc gets done in the background. The customer simply pays a small discount to the utility price of electricity for 20 years. Someone else does the rest. 

The residential model will go away from the solar lease that really puts the entire burden on the customer. The new model will be a "solar loan" model where the developer still has to deliver consistent quality and maintenance.
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When will PPA's be the norm in the solar water heating industry?
Skyline Innovations is already doing them, so I would say in about 2 years or so.
We have a close relationship with skyline, we've done a few projects together, and apartment owners continue to hesitate when making the decision.  We are doing our best to spread awareness :)
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