SolarWorld is selfish because they have not helped US Manufacturers.  By their own admission recently they have said the tariffs are not enough and they need even more help.  Now they are working on the hill to impose penalties for people working with Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.  I know many small companies in the USA paying higher prices, paying tariffs, pushing off projects, and for what.  What exactly was all this chaos perpetrated by SolarWorld for.  The Solar PV industry is getting very big, but we are still disrespected.  We need to break into the mainstream and stop being the laughing stock of all of the mainstream media players.  SolarWorld is deliberately trying to create Global Trade War in the hopes that it can save its company with an expensive manufacturing base.  I have worked too hard for the past 16 years in the solar industry to see it taken down by one company led by one lunatic CEO.  This is like the Xmen movie all over again when one German tried to create WWIII
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