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Jo Taylor
Writer. Nurse.
Writer. Nurse.

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Short Story Publication - Karl
Yay! Another Short Story published! Karl is the name of the piece and it can be found in the April 2016 edition of  Front Porch Review which is an online magazine. I'm so thankful to Glen Phillips, the publisher, for choosing Karl. Hope you enjoy it! In ord...

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We've Moved Again and Life is Good
I try to not put a whole lot of personal stuff in my blog. My personal opinions, sure, but our activities and such, unless they are writing related, are probably not that fascinating. We live, just like everyone else. BUT - we have moved again and this is a...

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Writing Tools - That Anyone Can Use
Writing Tools - That Anyone Can Use 1. Scrivener - $40 2. Scapple - $15 3. Aeon Timeline - $40 If you do a lot of writing, whether creatively, for a blog, for work, or for school, may I recommend purchasing the three programs listed above, all of which have...

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Write Every Day
So I think I've figured out something about being a writer. You have to write. Every day. It's a job. OK, it's also pretty fun for me too, but it is entirely dependent on actually producing words. Lots of them. November is National Novel Writing Month and I...
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