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Jon Stone
Father, freelance writer, tech enthusiast and all around geek
Father, freelance writer, tech enthusiast and all around geek

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I'm still not sure what I think of this trend... Though the kiddos seemed to get into Rapids for a bit and anything that gets the kids reading gets a few points in my book.

Wattpad Launches Chat-Style Reading App Tap | The Digital Reader

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Wow! Wish a setup like this existed in the US.

According to comments, seems it already works this way in Canada?

UK Govt Will Now Pay Authors Each Time Their eBook is Loaned From a Public Library | The Digital Reader

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Anyone using this popular CDN for your site might want to take a peek. Re-securing things is pretty straightforward...

Cloudflare Data Leak: How to Secure Your Site

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An fun jaunt through numbers and statistics...

"There are lots of reasons to care deeply about places that are demographically different from today’s America: Some of those places may turn out to be bellwethers for a future America that will be older, more educated and more racially and ethnically diverse than today; and some of those places are especially deserving of public attention and investment because they worse off than most other places."

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A bit of good news for the streams. Warm, wooly, comfy good news.

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Looks like Kobo is trying to get into the subscription game. Early looks at the TOS show it won't require exclusivity either.

While it probably won't compete with Amazon any time soon (if ever), it's still one more possible source of income if you're not locked in elsewhere.

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Everyone Likes Flex Time, but We Punish Women Who Use It

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"The international team of researchers measured the differences in the brain structure of 1,713 people with a diagnosis of ADHD and 1,529 without, all aged between four and 63-years-old.

All 3,242 people had an MRI scan to measure their overall brain volume, as well as the size in seven regions thought to be linked to ADHD.

Among the regions found to be underdeveloped in the case of ADHD patients was the hippocampus, which may contribute to the disorder through its role regulating emotion and motivation, the Lancet study said."

ADHD is a brain disorder, not a label for poor parenting, say scientists

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I'm toward the upper end of the Millennial threshold, but this article highlights many things I've discussed with others time and time again.

First - the jobs of our grandparents (and even parents) aren't the jobs of today. Company loyalty is a rare thing. Why invest in employees when you can just hire in and see results now? There is no long-term career in a single place anymore because businesses don't hire for long-term, they hire for now. There are skills and value. Even when you're not self-employed, the benefits/protections/guarantees aren't a hell of a lot better.

Second - Even within the normal 9-to-5 job market, the day you stop learning new skills and stop networking is the day that you stagnate and quit climbing. As a freelancer or self-employed contractor, this is even more applicable. Even if it's just keeping up with trends in your market, always have something new going in that you can add to your skill set, expertise, experience or otherwise market as a value-add to potential clients. Just don't forget to keep up on the skills you already have. Technologies, trends and approaches change. You've got to be ready to move with them.

Third - You don't NEED a formal education to succeed. While it might get your foot in the door, you'll still need to keep up with point 2. Unless you can get your degree at a discount or simply have money to blow, double down on point 2 instead. Make learning a goal in your every day life and build the habit. The habit will serve you far better than the piece of paper and no habit ever would.

Some Thoughts on the 'Lost Generation' - The Simple Dollar
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