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Yawar Amin
I'm a futurist.
I'm a futurist.

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BuckleScript: a significant new OCaml to JavaScript compiler
RECENTLY I've been paying attention to the BuckleScript compiler from OCaml to JavaScript (ES5, to be exact). I'm seeing some
significant advances that it brings to the state of the art, and thought
I would share. A little background: I use Scala.js at work...

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NANA is what I called him, but to the world he is the late Lutful Quadir Chowdhury, a well-loved husband, father, grandfather, prominent in the respect he earned from his large extended family, and a highly-regarded elder statesman of the South Asian bankin...

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The Birkana hexadecimal number symbols
AMONG number systems, the hexadecimal system of counting (or 'radix') has a special place in the hearts of programmers, being closely related to binary, the fundamental number system used by all modern computers. Unlike decimal, which counts ten numbers (0 ...

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The Essence of Phantom Types in Scala
The phantom of the type opera HEIKO Seeberger over at the Codecentric blog published an interesting post about using Scala's typelevel programming to encode phantom types in a
strict way so that you could tightly control the types that are allowed
to be pha...

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How does the State monad work?
HANDLING state in a monadic way is one of the techniques Haskellers come to learn about. But how does it work, roughly? The following is a simplified, intuitional explanation of the state monad. It's basically a trick of function currying. Suppose you have ...

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Show the Structure of Your GUI in Your Code
I LIKE creating my GUIs programmatically. I suppose I'm a
traditionalist (some would say a masochist). But I feel that it gives me
more control over the design and keeps together things that should live
together. The downside to this is, lots of objects all...

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Expressive Functional Programming with Continuations in Python
In Python, statements and expressions are separate and unequal citizens. For example, statements can contain expressions but expressions can't contain statements. This prevents things like full-powered anonymous functions which can do everything that named ...

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