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An idea for a new android multitasking/app switching UI. I think it's a better use of screen space and more interesting to look at, but I'd like to know what you guys think. 

The idea is that you can still scroll vertically through them and up to 3.5 apps will be displayed at first tap, similar to how it is now. 
Sorry about the quality of the gif. 
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+Luan Beq Thanks :) 

I hope the gif is playing ok for you guys, it was really slow on my phone. 
Tae W.
I think it's a great idea. 👍
This would be fantastic. Fits in too. Like chrome tabs. 
Hmm don't like it, but I also don't like the tab overview on Chrome too. When I'm multitasking I don't need fancy animations but fast and precise actions. I don't see the flowing animation working out for me. 
There was a concept video that did something similar and I thought this would be a great idea.
+Shahpur Azizpour Well, I wouldn't say its overly fancy, but as you said if you don't like the chrome tabs you probably wont like this haha. Thanks for the input 
Awesome! Would anyone make this for xposed? It will be awesome too😆
+Matt McDowell maybe fancy is the wrong word. But I image the whole animation concept becoming inefficient when you have more than 3 recently used apps and the list is longer than on your example. On current Android stock you see nearly the whole screen of each app which I think is a better overview and easier to navigate... 
Interesting, but don't think this will look good with multiple apps running.
+Igor Vasilachi As I mentioned in the post I envision this acting like the current multitasking, with vertical scrolling when more than 3.5 apps are displayed. 
+Matt McDowell it's clear that there would be vertical scrolling but compared to the current Android solution it wouldn't be a good overview IMHO, because of the overlapping of the app screens where you just see a small fragment of each app. 
+Shahpur Azizpour The thing is a lot of apps now are adopting the action bar design, so that includes the name of the app and the icon in the area that will be displayed. The current system is almost redundant because it displays that information twice. 
Its good but then how do we pull down the notification panel??
A couple of things:  First, make sure you have left/right swiping to dismiss, vertical scrolling for multiple apps that span more than the screen height, and lastly, include a "close all" function of some sort so the user can close everything at once instead of swiping for each open app.  Other than that, I love this concept.
Can someone make this into an xposed module?
Would be a good idea to have settings to allow vertical & horizontal sweeping, it would be easier to use vertical so that way users won't have to reach to the upper part of the screen, where vertical swipes would allow to touch the bottom to middle of the screen. I always thought that a recent/app switcher would be more useful in a auto hide taskbar way, but also with a nice ui & good animation when hiding/unhiding & selecting app. 
Cool interaction! Some technical caveats: It's possible for an app to not allow screenshots (for security reasons), so those presently would show as black. Perhaps for those, a fake action bar with the app title and icon could be used instead. Additionally, this would require saving higher quality images of the background apps. Showing an app like that in its full size, but not animating/interactive (because it's not yet in the foreground) may feel a little weird, especially for something that's not static (game, video, background audio player). 
Its way better than the current one 
Yeh how do you gona see all the appa when you have a lot.??? Scrolling down will be a mess as u cnt find the correct app in a flah
Personally, I think the apps should zoom out a tiny bit (5-10%) and have a drop shadow - makes it more obvious that you are in multitasking and not just in an app.
Looking awesome. .. but why on android 5 I have a galaxy grand quattro nd its android 4.1
This might be useful to show several activities in a single app ... Showing the UI of different apps during the animation might be too much work for most phone processors. The other challenge is getting the phone to recognize the downward swipe - which might get confused with the swipe to pull down the stock notification list. That too would be less of a problem if the design was for a single app. 
Not good. Since you can see less. Also you don't have the clear all button
Well either Apple have a patent on it somehow, or Samsung will butcher it and copy it, make it ugly looking and call it S-Window or something like that ;-) but it looks like a nice way of app switching to me
While it's cool, there's all the cases where apps either don't have an action bar, or they use it for something else already. For instance, Chrome shows the tab overview when swiping on the action bar vertically. Then you have all the apps with translucent status bar, which would also give a bad result.
Nice idea though. 
Very cool concept. It's true that when having immersive or fullscreen games it will not work. But it could be that is the app has an actionbar then show that, otherwise show a drop shadow with the icon and the name of the app.
For people saying that you can't see as much, two points. You see less of the app, but since there is no scaling, it's actually easier to see what the app is. And, secondly, You could have a 2 finger gesture to expand the app, and/or gyroscope tilting or have the middle one be bigger in a slight carousel effect (similar to the dock on Mac, but vertically)
Isn't it like chrome tabs? Or iOS's safari tabs? would consume lot more RAM. Still it looks colorful and appealing!
I will start on something next week and see if i cant get this proofed.
+Steve Pomeroy did web is has live screen shots of their app's? I remember seeing a video of a mobile os showing it multitasking a game & a compass still moving. It wasn't a static image since the compass was still pointing north while they turned with the phone to show it was the real thing & the racing game was paused, but you can still see the background animations still moving. I think it was web OS or blackberry I'm not sure... My question is could Android so that & if it can about how much power + ram would it use, I don't see any benefits to this & like Android's recent app's, I only with it would be able to be used with a swipe from screens edge gesture.
+Jonathan oQo doing multiple running foreground apps in Android would be complex and a nontrivial task. At least that's my understanding based on the lifecycle events of an application.
Yeah that's what I thought to, but I was wondering about the power & ram use. Does it come easier to other smartphone OS's like the blackberry OS or web OS. It seems to me that Android can do almost anything that other OS's can do but doe's it take more resources to do things that like iOS animated ui?
Perhaps also the tilt animation when you try to overscroll, like Chrome.
Thanks a lot to everyone for all the comments and huge thanks to everyone that reshared it! 

I got a couple messages about how I made this, it was made in photoshop, animated in after effects, rendered as a video, then saved in photoshop as a gif. Hopefully that helps. 
You beat it to me! I prepared a mockup for a new app switching method some time ago, but i didn't have time to publish it. I posted it some minutes ago on this thread.
Ive started the app and realized that the only way to accomplish this is with root. Unfortunately, the screenshots saved to recents are not publicly available. I have them setting with root however.
After working with it a bit more, Im running into even more issues. The screenshots saved are very small, about 1/3 of the screen size, and the screenshots occasionally contain dont actually show app content, instead showing the app on its way to being miniaturized when the homescreen is pulled up.

TL;DR, this isnt a practical implementation option with the way the OS currently works. Will continue to break my brain on it though.
Heres the current code, please feel free to check it out.
+Ken Kyger you could make it as an xposed module. You can hook into onPause of each app to grab high-def screenshot in background. I'd like to work on this thing too, but I don't have time now :( I hope I'll be able to take a look on Friday :) 
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