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A google play/material design concept of how the Netflix app might look.

On the main screen not a big change, just different transitions and obviously white instead of dark. 

The individual movie screen has a google play inspired card look aswell as a similar overlay effect when scrolling. 

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That's rather beautiful. Sucks Netflix won't do anything like this anytime soon. 
Gosh I hope so. This beautiful. Google should set a standard how developers make their apps look aesthetically, like ios. 
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 That design would be perfect. 
cough Android KitKat softkeys cough ;) 

But looks very good! 
+Matt McDowell animations did on Photoshop or After Effects?

Great job! You just have to change the soft keys to be even more Material Design...
Big Trouble in Little China! Nice choice. 
All apps SHOULD get a revamp. If you are a developer you seen the Android TV YouTube update which is beautiful I can't wait to implement the new material design
+Geiras ES Animations were in after effects :)
This is great. Will you ever post a tutorial on how to do things like this?
+Mark Navarro Anrdoid does  have design guidelines, just like iOS. It's up to developers whether to follow them or not.
Looks really nice well done :D
Shouldn't the movie page open up from the click on the individual video, instead of sliding in from the right?
HAHA, yeah right.  +Netflix is one of the worst software developers out there.  The Nintendo 3DS got Netflix a while back, and years later it still doesn't even have profile support.  You think they're going to actually incorporate material design any time before 2017?  HAH!
So we have to view the phone an extreme angle now?
That's like YouTube. That's really bad ass. You can play the video right there on your phone. Hmmm I'm new with Nerflix, can anyone tell me if its like YouTube where you can use chromecast and put the videos in your TV? If so, I am so getting a subscription to Net flix. Also, does redbox work with chrome cast?
+ThantiK i imagine that was developed by nintendo using Netflix's API. Their developers are very good and are some of the best in the world.
Hot shit. Netflix needs to take note!
Looks a lot like the current android app. Is it just the parallax effect when scrolling that people find attractive? 
This is so much cool. Android gona give hard time to iOS this time.. :)
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+Jenny Jongejan I'd definitely like to hear some more information about it. I'll send you a message with my email, feel free to contact me any time.
Great, look fwd to chatting soon Matt! I don't want to take away from the comments relevant to your project, so email
Not that I'd download L(MP), looks nice though.
What software is being used to animate?
Great work Matt. love those animations.
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