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Can't wait for the weather to just get a smidgen warmer!

Just stopping by to say Hello G+

Does anyone have any knowledge with setting up a basic forum using Concrete5?

Just when I think I've completed my Christmas shopping, I have this feeling that I'm missing someone....

Is anyone thinking of NYE plans yet?

Hello all!

I wish there was a G+ app for WP8.  I miss all of your posts!!!

When will there be a proper and awesome fitness tacking band and/or smart watch that works with Windows phone?
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I've had my Windows Lumia phone a few months now. I recently switched back to my Android for a week as I was going on a trip and didn't want to risk loosing or breaking my Lumia.

I have found that I was so busy being on the Android bandwagon about how amazing it was and totally ignored all glitches and hiccups and bugs.

Those who have the Amber update on the Lumia 928 - Do you know if there's a setting to show you the battery% on the Glance screen or lock screen?

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