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Jawaad Saleem is extremely cool
Jawaad Saleem is extremely cool

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Check out this lyrical poem by Ali Khan Niazi.

I've been gone for too long! I need a writing tip moderators and fellow community members. I have been working on a novel and I have written the first 12 chapters and the story is along the way. I have the end conclusion already written down with all the details however I'm having a problem with the middle. I have a few points in my mind for the middle but I still cannot think of how to move the story along. I can't see a direction to go in. Any tips? 

Hey I got a cool old question for everyone. I heard this when I was young and I wanted to know whether it caught on... 

What goes up but never comes down?

thank you for the invite! awesome community.

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Hey everyone just published a new chapter. Check it out!

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Hira's new article 'Film as a mirror to society' has now been uploaded! 

Very interesting article that helps us understand the hidden messages in a movie. Take a read and tell us your opinion!
Film As A Mirror Of Society
Introduction You will often find hidden
metaphorical meanings behind pop culture movies that convey a particular idea.
Movies that have another meaning to them are usually portrayed in a way to
entertain and satisfy mass desires through comedy, horror, or s...

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Jawaad Saleem commented on a post on Blogger.
This is absolutely amazing. Seriously dude, wow. I mean I've had Good posts on my blog. Even my best article, which is like a page long, could not compare to what you did in 100 words. 

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Hey everyone. My awesome google+ page is getting a lot of likes and followers. And I really want it to keep growing and connect to a lot more people. So please take a look and stay tuned for more from my blog :D 

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Hey everyone, Asjl Khan's new poem is out! Give it a read and comment :D #poetry  Oh and like us on google+ you'll see the link at the top right hand corner ;) 

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amazingly written by ali khan niazi. 
A Letter To You By Ali Khan Niazi
Hey, I wrote something for you hoping one day you would read this. A part of me hopes you do, but the other part hopes you don't. Here goes..  Somewhere in the dark corner of
this room, I am recalling all your memories. Each and every word echoes clearly
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