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Dr Ryan Anderson


Would you recommend getting the extended edition of avatar over the theatrical?

So I redeemed the my copy of the Lion King through DMA a long time ago. I Can still see my copy of it in Vudu but it is not showing up in my MA or Google Play accounts. Has anyone had this happen or know how to fix this?

ISO Pitch Perfect 3 HD MA or UV -FOUND

So I preordered The Last Jedi in VUDU a while back. It is now watchable in vudu and all my linked accounts except GooglePlay. Has anyone else noticed this? I did purchase the UHD version so im not sure if that plays into it but that wasnt an issue with Ragnorok or Coco.

Does anyone know if COCO will be available in Spanish on any of the platforms?

In search of kingsman the golden circle UVHD - Found

ISO Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2 UVHD - found


Ichabod and Mr Toad - found

I did a vudu survey for a $6 credit on 9/30/17 and still have yet to receive it. How long do they typically take to process those?

ISO starship troopers 4K/UHD


VBYA credits
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