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I've been stalking a couple of local reservoirs of late, shunning Summer Leys. Nowt wrong with the reserve, it's just there's a regular group of 5 toggers plus myself meant I was just getting the same images as everyone else, they're also more than capable ...

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It's been hard work to photograph anything of note this week, everytime Birdfair is on the birds vanish, looking through my records as I do when I'm struggling to locate anything it's always a but quiet this time of year. A juvenile Night Heron would have b...

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Birds, birds and more birds
Peregrine, Summer Leys  It's been an odd summer in the county and before Autumn migration kicks in we've had some cracking birds. Though I've not seen any regular Hobbies, at the start there was the usual gathering of hobbies and good numbers. I had 8 at a ...

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There appears to be some really interesting waders passing through Northamptonshire at the moment. Despite the rather overcast day I managed to get out of other duties for a spot of mid-afternoon birding. Shunned all the normal spots and headed for a less g...

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ODD's 'n' SODS
I've been focusing my local birding in two locations of late. A secret single track lane and the lanes, bridleways and fields around Castle Ashby. The Lane has been very productive. So far two separate and new Little Owl sites both a pain in the backside in...

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*ALERT SWEARY POST I have had a mixed bag since my last post. I visited two reserves on one weekend down the A14 in Cambridgeshire. One ran by the Beds/Cambs/Northants (BCN) Wildlife Trust and the other a RSPB reserve. One I actually fell in love with after...

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Life's been a bit hectic since my last post, but apart from saying that I got a full refund on my Audi A4, also £300 compensation from the debit card company for the length of time it took, didn't ask for it they just did it, fair play...went to a half dece...

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I've not allowed poor light and miserable weather deter me from venturing out with the camera. The way I see it if the camera boosts great usability at high iso's then I'd be a fool not to test the claim. Sadly finding much of interest has been trickier.  S...

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Well it's a New Year but same ol'Doug cursed. The injectors and exhaust temperature sensor failed leaving my car in 'limp home mode' as I hit Peterborough on my way to Norfolk. Bit fortunate with pulling into Peterborough Services, unlucky at 5am the rescue...

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Since it's Christmas Eve, and not even a mouse is stirring, the greyhounds ate them, this will obviously be my last post until after Christmas. I've been out with my new toy in less than favourable light again. I don't believe blaming light is going to be a...
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