My groups is thinking of houseruling the druid to have the talent progression of the occultist. I'll copy paste my reasons for this below.

The issue is this: the druid is simply less powerful than other characters, with fewer options. I think the simplest was to illustrate this is trying to build a "nature cleric" using the druid's talents.
Start with a cleric's decent durability, which the druid can get with warrior druid initiate (one talent). Then, healing to match the cleric's heal class feature: wild healer adept (two more talents). Then, to match the spells per day of a cleric, the druid would need initiate and adept in elemental and terrain caster (three more talents). This means to be as powerful and versatile as a cleric would require six talents.
I am thinking of two options: either give the druid the occultist's talent progression (which is start with 4 then get a fifth and sixth as you level) OR simply make the druid always be one level higher than the rest of the party-- they wouldn't be as versatile as other casters, but at least they would be as powerful (but possibly more powerful).

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