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Cairns most trusted Water Damage Restoration Company
Not all Cairns Water Damage Restoration companies are the same. When considering who to use to fix your water damage in your home or business, it is important, to research your options and find out exactly what equipment, processes and testing your water damage restoration company will use. We have complied a list of why you should choose Chem Safe Services. See why Chem Safe Water Damage Restoration is the go to company for insurers, home owners, and business clients throughout the QLD.

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Do They Have Good References?
Unfortunately the cleaning industry is filled with uneducated, uninformed and sometimes downright unscrupulous companies. Chem Safe Services enjoys one of the best reputations around. The area’s most seasoned floor covering experts, Interior Designers and Realtors refer our services exclusively. Our reputation ensures that you can trust our company to provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever.
What Kind of Experience Do They Have?
Chem Safe Services has been caring for the finest floors and fabrics since the 1980’s. Our staff are experienced with all types of floors, fibers and soiling conditions, no matter how unusual they may be. We are experienced in all methods of cleaning. Chem Safe Services are known for being able to solve cleaning related problems that no one else can. This insures that whatever your situation is, we will be familiar with it.
Are They Well Educated In Their Field?
Chem Safe Services are committed to the highest order of education and training. Our company is involved in a number of educational processes. Each staff member is thoroughly trained and certified, that’s minimum standard. We are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) which is the most recognized body of certification for carpet and upholstery cleaners. Never use a firm that isn’t. We hold multiple IICRC designations. Members of our staff conduct seminars around the world. This insures that you will get the latest cleaning technology applied to your job.
Which System Do They Use?
The equipment used by a cleaning firm is incredibly important. Chem Safe Services uses only the highest quality, most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment on the market today. The systems we use will get maximum soil removal and maximum spot removal without over wetting your floor or fabric and without leaving a sticky residue behind.
Do They Understand Customer Service?
Our mission is to provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever. We are committed to showing up on time, and communicating with you throughout the service experience. Our staff will show up in a professionally lettered vehicle, in uniform, ready to serve you in the most courteous manner possible.
Do You Get What You Pay For?
Never select a cleaning firm based on price alone. A low priced service could actually damage your floor or fabric, costing you more in the long run. Clean As A Whistle charges more than some companies, but you get what you pay for. It’s impossible for a company to provide the best service experience if they can’t afford to invest in the best employees, education and equipment.
Do They Use Top Quality Products?
Clean As A Whistle refuses to use discount products. Cheap products can damage your floors and fabrics. The products we use are safe for the outside environment as well as the indoor environment.
Do They Guarantee Their Work?
Our guarantee to you is that if you are not completely satisfied with the service experience you receive from our company, we will rush back to your location at no charge and no obligation to make things right. If you are still unimpressed, we will offer a complete refund up to $1000.00.
Do They Have A Referral Program?
For each new customer you refer to Clean As A Whistle, we will send you a 10% referral commission. A certificate for 10% will be mailed to you when the referred customer pays the invoice. The referral commission is paid on the first new job. Repeat business does not qualify for the commission. You may then either use the certificate toward services or cash. Remember, we guarantee our work, so don’t hesitate to refer someone to us.

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There are two ways to spring clean your home – do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company. While hiring for a residential cleaning in Brookfield can be fast and affordable, some people find that thoroughly cleaning their homes themselves is therapeutic. If you are in the latter group and want to tackle the cleaning task yourself, these DIY tips can help save you time and strife.
Get Prepared
Gather all the cleaning equipment you’ll need and place it all in a bucket so it will be easy to carry along with you. Having everything with you will prevent unnecessary steps and wasted time running back and forth. Place an all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, cloths, paper towels, duster and other basic cleaning supplies in your bucket to carry along with you as you move from room to room.
Start at the Far End
Start the spring cleaning in the room that is furthest away from the exterior door used to enter and exit your home. Odds are that you will be going in and out often during your spring cleaning to empty trash, take items to the garage, etc. If you start near the entrance you can track dirt that can undo the work that you’ve already accomplished.
Right to Left
Methodically working your way around a room can save you time and makes sure that you don’t miss any areas. Start in the right hand corner of a room and work your way around the room from top to bottom. Open windows, take down curtains for laundering or dry cleaning, sweep screens, wash windows, frames and sills, remove contents from drawers and wipe down the inside of each drawer.
Dampen a cloth with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down light fixtures in the room, switch plates, door frames and baseboards. Dust furniture, wall art and other fixtures. If you have not cleaned out your closets in a while, this is a great time to tackle that task as well. Finish off the room by cleaning the floor, sweeping/mopping/vacuuming your way backward out of the room.
If your home has a hallway, clean the main rooms first Finish with the hallway, again cleaning fixtures, furniture and decorations as you go. Once finished, clean your floors working your way out of the hallway.
Start at the furthest part of the bathroom and clean as you go out once again. Using a safe disinfectant spray in your drawers can help mitigate any leftover grime from bathroom items. Discard any expired or old items that will not be used. After returning the rest of your other products clean your mirror, light fixture and wash your window if there is one. Save washing your bathroom surfaces for the end, with your floors being the last step.

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If not ask why. To be able to provide a thorough Commercial drying service to their clients its imperative they utilise tools and measurement devices to make sure building materials affected by water are dry, including the water that cant be seen. Otherwise the consequences could be costly down the track. If walls and floors aren’t dried completely, then mould will start growing in the walls, and it will require a builder to rectify is by replacing all affected areas. This means more costs, and downtime for your business.

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Recently I travelled to Melbourne and completed a Commercial Drying Specialist course ran by Jena Dyco for commercial water damage restorers throughout Australia.
Chem Safe Services are already one of the leading commercial water damage restoration companies in Cairns servicing Far North Queensland. We decided to book in and complete this exhaustive course, so that we could gain further knowledge in this field, particularly in relation to cutting edge techniques and methodologies, to be able to perform water restoration services for business while they are still in operation. This was the key point we took away from this training.

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In the event of a water damage event, burst pipe, storm damage, flood inundation, leaking roof etc, it is very important you take the necessary steps listed below to minimise the damage resulting from the water damage.
Here is a list of task you may want to do in the event of water damage. This list is only general and not to be taken as advice. The best action you can take if a water damage event occurs at your home, is to call Chem Safe Services Cairns to do everything for you as they have specialised extraction equipment to handle any water damage. You can make a cuppa and relax while the experts take control?

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We often get called out to a water damage restoration job as the first point of inspection, and quite quickly we can tell what has caused the water damage. With over 15 years of attending and restoring water damage jobs, we see some weird and wonderful causes. More then likely the cause will be one of the items listed below. Some of which with regular inspection or maintenance could reduce the chances of the event happening. Read our list of the top 5 most common causes of water damage in homes.

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Most households have carpet in some part of their house. A water damage / flooding event can result in wet carpet. Wet carpet not only smells bad, but quite rapidly becomes a health risk when mould starts growing. And it happens quicker then you think. When Chem Safe Water Damage Services is called out to a wet carpet / water damage job we assess the situation and by considering the following things, before making the call about whether the carpet can be safely dried, saved and restored or pulled out and disposed of.
The Top 5 Causes of Water Damage in your home
When did the water event occur, and how long has the carpet been wet?
The length of time the carpet has been wet can greatly impact on how quickly mould can start growing. The longer it takes for us to get to it, the more likely mould has taken hold. This will impact the decision to dry, clean, and sanitise the carpet.

What category of water inundated the carpet?
Clean Water
Clean water is water that doesn’t pose any harm when it comes in contact with living elements and doesn’t contain any contaminants.
Burst flexi hoses under the sink for instance contain clean water.
Carpet is more likely able to be saved if clean water inundates it. We will dry the carpet, underlay and sub flooring, then sanitise with an antimicrobial treatment and our thorough steam carpet cleaning process
Grey Water
Grey water is unsanitary and contains levels of contamination that would not be safe for consumption. This type of water is dangerous and only a professional should clean it up.
Example sources of grey water include Water discharge from household appliances, i.e. washing machine, dishwasher.
A much more stringent cleaning and sanitizing process needs to occur to save grey water affected carpet and this is sometimes deemed uneconomical
Black Water
Black water is harmful to all living organisms and could cause death or serious illness if consumed. The water doesn’t have to look “black” – it can be clear and/or odorless, but it can still be very dangerous.
Examples of black water include; toilet water, sewerage, groundwater, sewer water, sea water
Black Water need to be cleaned up by a professional with the right equipment to make sure you are not exposing yourself to harmful bacteria now and down the track.
Carpet is more then likely disposed of in this event, as it isn’t deemed uneconomical to try to restore and sanitise.

Has the water damage caused permanent damage to the carpet, like stains and has the carpet backing delaminated?
If it has then it will likely be required to be removed, the floor dried, and the carpet replaced.

Is there already Mould Damage on the carpet?
If we can already see or smell mould damage the carpet is already dangerous, and should not be dried or attempted to be repair. We will safely dispose of the carpet.

Our Wet Carpet Water Damage Assessment process allows us to quickly identify the next course of action. With 15 years experience in Water Damage and Wet Carpet Drying services, we are well equipped to help you make a decision that is safe for your family now and in the future, with being mindful about the economic aspect of the job. In a nutshell if we can save your carpet, and we don’t think it will cause an issue we will, if not, its out with the old and in with the new.

If you have and existing water damage, or have had an area of wet carpet in the past due to flooding, leaking pipes, or even leaving a door or windows open, call Michael from Chem Safe Water Damage Services for a free inspection and some helpful advice. Don’t risk it mouldy carpet is the worst.
Wet Carpet Dryer Cairns Micahel Starke winding up hose
Dont risk your families health after your carpet has been wet. Call Michael doday for a Water Damage Inspection

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Just completed a Tile and Grout Restoration in an apartment. with our specialist steam cleaning equipment. Check out our full suite of services.

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