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Robert Pickstone
Senior Social Media Consultant for Immediate Future
Senior Social Media Consultant for Immediate Future

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It's great to see so many members in our English Second Language Community! I hope you're all having fun by talking to each other and practicing your English! (Please remember: no promotional information about your company or services. If you want to help, help within the Community Page). Thanks! :-)

What are the plans for the City Centre over Christmas Period, especially 27th and 28th? Will the ice rink be there? Or stalls? Or both? Just wondering!

Just created a new topic called Organise a Hangout. I hope this helps everybody, and especially +laiyonelth dorado +Nemanja Petrović and +Souad taha , as you have shown an interest in practicing #English through Hangouts :-)

Which English words make little or no sense to you?!

Problem with #communities. I don't want to moderate/approve every post every member makes. How can this be turned off?!

Hi Everyone!

I've just created the following topics. Do you like them? Let me know if you think we should add/remove others.

Introduce Yourself
Practice Conversations
Ask a Question
Funny/Strange English


I thought it would be a good idea to have a community where members could all practice their English by speaking to each other! If you're learning/studying English and want to improve, this community is perfect for you! Please get involved! We can set up some tabs soon so you can specifically practice English with members from your own country, whilst the "All Posts" section can be for everyone. Have fun :-)
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