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Entrepreneurs & Freelancers. This is my circle for self described Entrepreneurs and Freelancers - which includes the self employed, small business owners, independent contractors, small startup companies and pretty much anyone trying to make it outside of the traditional economy.

As I said before, I don't want to pretend that this list is definitive or even close to being complete. There are millions of entrepreneurs on Google+ and there are many circles of entrepreneurs that have already been shared - these are just the ones I have curated in my own circle. This probably doesn't even include everyone in my own circles who are entrepreneurs or self employed as it is almost impossible to go through everyone's profile. Just let me know if I have inadvertently left you out - I will be posting this in the circles database sometime soon.

Feel free to reshare, but as with any shared circle, I do recommend some discretion in adding a circle of this size to your stream. This one might be a little different in that it doesn't include too many of the "celebrety entrepreneurs" that are common in other shared circles here- though there are a few. For the most part hese are real small business owners or people or with an entrepreneural mindset, and there are lots of smart people here.

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171 Martial Arts And MMA Schools Public Shared Circle

This Circle is to help students and schools find each other here on #google+ & also help people find schools & dojos in their local area to train at.

Most schools in this public shared circle are based in the United States & Australia.

Styles: #MMA #Karate #TaiChi #KungFu #Aikido #JiuJutsu #Ninjutsu #Kempo

Please +1 this post and share it will your followers, family and friends.

If your school is not listed in this public shared circle please comment bellow and we will add your school ASAP.

Also feel free to enter our giveaway: Win a copy of Ideals Of The Samurai.

Circle Last Updated 07/01/2012

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You are looking at the circle of people who I follow most vigorously on here, and who I check in with at least daily, hence the name, Daily Chickens ¹

Circle up! These people have the most fun/entertaining or informative posts on G+, at least out of the 2700+ people I've got circled, IMHO.

PS - I don't share circles very often, but these guys are worth the effort, and deserve the attention.

¹ Last night in a Hangout, +Renata Sherwin was telling us about her "Daily Checkins" circle and I mistakenly thought she said "chickens", ha ha!

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About time we shared our g+ circle with recommended photography pages with you again.
Feel free to share with photographers in your circles – and of course to add your suggestions in the comments. Thank you!

latest additions:
+Aperture Foundation
+Museum of the City of New York
+Inge Morath Foundation

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500 people you will want to watch at CES...

This is my Tech Journalist or Blogger circles. I've hand picked the best tech journalists on Google+. Most of these people are active. If you find anyone here who isn't active, let me know and I'll remove them.

Next week this feed will rock and roll -- many of these folks will be at CES looking for cool gadgets for you.

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*Want To See The Magic of Google Plus - Version 3*

New to Google Plus? Not quite sure you 'get it' yet? Follow these 3 simple steps. Try it. I Dare you. Anyone who actually does these things will love it here and can never say "it's dead".

1. *Get Followers* - Complete your profile. Put "what circles you should be placed in" in your about section. Think things like Photography, Geek, Tech, Art, Gaming, Wine Lover, Cat person. People probably have circles like this and can easily circle you back. Make it easy for people to circle you. Check out my profile for more ideas. Spend a few moments on this. Seriously. Make at LEAST 1 public post. Post daily in your 'interests' you picked for your profile. Make sure some is 'your own' not just reshares of others. Use pictures. G+ likes pictures.

2. *Follow Others* Circle this shared circle of 60 people up. They are Foodies, Travel, Tech, Art, Writing, Gaming and more. Many have less than 1000 people circling them. They are all engaging rockstars that will fill your stream with awesome content. Or go to the search bar and type in your interests. Game of thrones, Web development, wine, makeup, Michael Jackson. People here are fans and they are talking about it. Circle up at least 250 People. 1000 is still golden. These will likely all be strangers. Get over that. You do NOT need to know people in real life to talk about Iphones or Cooking, but you can have a great conversation. Don't expect to read the whole stream, it will be far too much. Make a circle of "engage with" as your first circle. Place people who's stuff you like in that circle. Visit THAT stream daily. Realize that people will share or +mention you to posts that you need to see. Accept this and remember to do this for others. Clean out and add people to this "Engage with" Circle often. Your personal preference on this section may vary... but this is a good place to start.

3. *Engage others* Go up and down your stream right now and Reshare neat things, comment, click the link, read the story, mention others who might like that post or comment on other peoples comments. +1s generally mean you read it and agree. Do that too. Try and make comments better than "lol" but engage other people in some way. Remember to mute the post if the conversation is not interesting to you anymore with the drop down arrow.

Rinse and Repeat steps 2 and 3 daily for best results. Google Plus is a truly amazing website if you follow these steps. Make it yours.

Share with your circles and new friends on G+ and comment your tips on making G+ magical.

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(6th UPDATE)
Worldwide Best Art & Photography III - CIRCLE III First 300 Members
Next update at approx 350 Members
See for the FIRST and SECOND Circle:
Worldwide Best Art & Photography II - CIRCLE II - 500 Members
Worldwide Best Art & Photography I - CIRCLE I - 500 Members
Thanks to these 3 great circles, you can know, learn, discover, travel the world, nature, people and art through beautiful photographs and amazing different works.
Feel FREE to Share!
Great shots to all of You dear friends!

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Yesterday +Chris Brogan recommended 5 people to follow on Google+, and he asked for other recommendations (see for original post). I took everyone who was recommended (updated 9:18 AM EDT on 12/21) and put them in this shared circle.
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