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Panic of 1901: First stock market crash of New York Stock Exchange
The Panic of 1901 was started because E.H.Harriman and James Hills, titans of rail road industry, wanted to control of Northern Pacific Railroad. In those days they started buying share of Northern Pacific Railroad from open market quietly and as there was ...

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Life Lesson from RICH DAD
Lesson of RICH DAD from the book   RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki There is difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary. Poor is eternal. The poor and the middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them. People’s li...

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Suzlon: The Wind is started Flowing…
Suzlon , Pune base Wind energy Turbine manufacture  and operate in 19 countries across the globe with around 22 years of presence in the renewable energy sector Due to high debt and less demand in global market company lost its way after 2008 crisis but now...

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What if u are on road which never end.

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Top 5 Dividend Stocks of last 10 year
When Investor was looking for good stock , dividend would be the very important factor to be consider. Stock go up down but consistence dividend make your investment worth. For conservative investor with low risk profile good dividend paying stock would be ...

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Investment starts with Saving.
Hi All,  Some of my reader ask me I don’t have money at first
place to start investment. I told it’s not about you don’t have money it’s
about your spending habit. And I thought to write something about how to save
little in daily life and get maximum. “Pen...

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Most simple way to get maximum traffice for your site or blogs.
Hi Reader, If you are reading this you are step away to know simplest way to increase your site traffic. Below is the example how you can get 1000 view/mins: Thanks for Rea...

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A New Beginning :2016 Value pick 4
Sometime underrated stock outperforms and our fourth value
picks is highly underrated. Let’s start with our low price high value pick: Suzlon Energy: CMP: 21.65(8 th Jan). From a position of strength,
Suzlon has gone through multiple crises over the past fi...

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A New Beginning :2016 Value pick 2
 In our previous post we have given our first value pick
Britannia  ( ) Now let’s start with our second value pick: Ashok Leyland:   CMP: 88.75 (1th Jan 2015).     Ashok Leyland...
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